Sunday, May 16, 2010

Random Thoughts

* I am tired and have a cold. It is making me cranky. I feel badly about it, I don't really like my cranky self so I'm struggling against the cranky thoughts. I've been feeling blue that I haven't accomplished anything tonight so I'm going to blog quickly and accomplish something.

* The light clicked in baby goat this weekend and I think it is safe to say that we have a walker now. While he can't actually stand up without something to pull up on he can now toddle pretty much at will. He gets tired and still falls quite often but it has gotten to the point where counting steps is futile, mostly because most of my time is spent trying to distract him away from the most "fun" areas of the apartment. Thankfully he's shown no interest in the cat box so far but we are keeping a close eye on things. Thank goodness for gates.

* Baby goat is also teething some molars with at least one looking like it will be making an appearance any moment. The combination of corralling and teething has made him quite crabby today too.

* I'm behind on all sorts of things I want to do and it is frustrating me. The time has gone to real productive and unexpected things so I should try to let it go and get productive on the things that need doing. Easier said than done.

* I owe a HUGE thank you to MetroDentalCare for giving me a pair of St. Paul Saints tickets for this past Friday night.  I was able to let Mr. Goat and a friend go and have a much deserved boys night out.  I've been working weird, long and odd hours in the last two weeks so it is nice to be able to let him have some fun.  So thanks MetroDental.  Thanks a lot!

* I'm still thinking about our zoo trip yesterday. Sometimes I feel like I really don't fit in with the parent crowd. We both work and haven't really done playdates with anyone. I don't know if that many of our friends don't have kids or if our work schedule really make things difficult or that people don't like us but it seems isolating sometimes. I'm glad to have the blog and lots of mommy blogger friends online but sometimes I wonder if I'm missing a "real life" experience. But we did the zoo like seemingly all other families in the metro area. It felt good, just to be out as a family watching the boy walk and play and point. That probably makes little sense.

* Next week on Saturday is a blogger rummage sale to benefit Feeding America. All the proceeds go to help the Child Hunger Ends Here Campaign. And with 20+ people bringing stuff how can you really go wrong? Check it out!

* I still feel like I need meal options for the family.  We too often throw things together or worse, grab something on the run.  Please share your go to recipe if you have one.

* Would anyone like to be a guest blogger here.  I'm looking for a few for a few of my crazy days in the next month.  Particularly when I'm knee deep in VBS.  You can write about anything really, I just want to keep some posts up when my life ramps up.  Rest assured I'm still here and plan on getting my blogging groove back, but I don't want to force it either.

* I am honored to have 69 followers here on the blog but I have to say the odd number is bugging me.  Anyone willing to follow me and make it an even 70? :)

* Mr. Goat is starting the dishes, I better go help and get my cold and me to bed.  I hope you all had lovely weekends.  I really did even though I'm struggling against a pity party at the moment.  But it is hard to go wrong with some of the fun I did have this weekend.


Valerie said...

Ok, so don't worry about the lack of play dates thing. From knowing you and reading your blog, it sounds like you're at that in-between point where your friends either don't have children or have children who are older that Baby Goat. Oh, and tons of parents work, so you're not alone there either. Baby Goat does get the friend time he needs because of day care and the additional time give him. As long as he seems happy and healthy, don't worry about it. If it makes you feel better, I have the same problem with Cody, so I'll often take him to my appointments to "assist" or demonstrate, and that ends in play time. Otherwise, he really only has one friend he plays with. I know it's not quite the same, but I did do the whole "he needs more play dates" thing.

Good luck with everything else (especially the cold). I'm sure it will get better soon!

Monkeymama said...

I often felt really isolated and out of the loop before we moved to NY and met the group we hung out with there. It's difficult to find mom friends. You could look on-line for some groups - I would guess there are some moms' groups (like MOPS) that meet on the weekend in the Twin Cites.

But, Rebecca is very social and having fun with kids her own age now - even if she spent most of her first 2.5 years with me!

Sharon said...

Being a Pastor-Mom, I feel the isolation thing. I work your same weird hours, and I have to maintain professional boundaries with the only people I know! Once again, if you move back to WI, we could playdate together...

And I would be willing to be a guest blogger -- pending the actual week working out for me. How much notice do I get? Again, my schedule can go from empty to crazy with little to no notice. But I'm certainly willing to give it a try.

Hang in there. You are a great Mama, wife and friend. There are better days ahead!