Saturday, May 15, 2010

Baby Goat meets goats - and a few other farm animals too

It was a beautiful Saturday.  Baby goat napped well in the morning and we had a nice family lunch so we decided to pack up and head to the zoo.  We hadn't been to the zoo in a while so it was a fun trip.  It was also the first time we headed out to the farm at the zoo.  We missed zoo babies by a few weeks but we got to accomplish the main goal of the trip.  Baby goat met the goats.  He was shy at first but warmed up to them and then didn't want to leave them to go look at the other animals.  I wish I had more pictures of his face as he was perplexed and fascinated by the goats.  We had a great time at the zoo but man we are all pooped out tonight.


simplicity said...

Can I just say that I love your son's hair????

It's so cute!

Looks like a fun day! Hope to see you this next week!

Sharon said...

Cute pictures. I especially love his expression in the chicken cutout!