Thursday, May 27, 2010

15 months

It seems like I blinked and another month has past in baby goat's life.  It seems doubly quick since month 14's post got lost to the month of sickness what was March/April.  It makes such a difference in his mood when he is well.  He's always a pretty mellow and happy guy but he is just so much happier when he's healthy.

He's getting to be such a toddler these days, with strong opinions.  We do have our fair share of back arching tantrums when forced to do something he doesn't want to do (or more likely leave something he DOES want to do), but thankfully for us he is ususally easily distracted by something else so they are short lived.

He loves the outdoors and I think would spend the whole day out there if possible.  If the weather is nice, and it usually is now, daycare is outside when it comes to pick up time.  It does not go over well to leave daycare with is wagon, and big wheels, and cars, to go in the car.  But as much as he doesn't really care to see me picking him up I know that he loves daycare.  He also loves doors, cabinets or anything that will open and shut. 

He is walking in full force now.  While he still falls down he gets everywhere he needs to get quickly, and if you aren't watching he can get plenty of places he shouldn't be going too.  He can't stand on his own yet, but he is getting closer to it.  But he can be odd.  Sometimes he is bouncing all over the place and other times he's content to sit with a pile of books flipping through the pages.

He is getting to be more communicative too.  He claps and says "Yay!" when others clap.  He says mama, dada, cat, elaine (daycare person), hi, but still resorts to "eh" and pointing for a lot of things.  I keep meaning to borrow some sign language DVDs to practice that some more as he seems to pick those up quickly.

He still eats well although he is starting to show preferences.  He will pick out all of his favorite first (usually cheese, meat or other protein) before moving on to the "lesser" foods.  He adores lima beans and peas and pops them like they are candy. 

Just on Sunday we had a bit of a scary as we got all red around our mouth from our first try of hummus.  The ER doc thought it was a contact allergy and not a real food reaction allergy but we are keeping an eye out anyway.  My reasearch (aka asking smarter friends than me) puts the top suspects as seasame and/or citric acid.  We'll just have to keep watching.  (We did follow up with our ped who gave us some good info and things to watch for but who wasn't too worried.)

Which reminds me, in the month of illness too we had a strange rash while we were on amoxycillin which the urgent care doc and our ped disagree about whether it was caused by a reaction to the drug.  Either way I'll avoid it for the forseeable future.

We have some travelling coming up in the next month and I wonder how it will go.  You are no longer willing to nap for a 5 hr car drive with one stop so we may be finding creative ways to make the trips go.  If you have tips I'd love to hear them.  He is still rear facing and will be as long as I can keep him that way if that makes a difference.

It has been a challenging couple of months around here.  We've all had illnesses that have put us under the weather and it seems like we are busier than ever but we are all happy.  I wouldn't trade my little goat family for the world, even if I do covet the larger places, backyards and jogging strollers many of my friends have.  We are just who we are meant to be right now and that is a beautiful thing.

Happy 15 months baby goat!  I can't believe how quickly its gone!

We love you!

P.S.  My camera cord is misbehaving so you only get the two photos today.  Hopefully I can get it fixed soon.


Soupy said...

Such a handsome, big boy! He is so sweet (to meet) and I love watching him grow and grow! Kyla adores her boyfriend and Keifer does, too :) I watched K1 give him a huge hug the other day when we were going outside-it melted my heart !:) *sigh* Enjoy every second!

Amy said...

I love your "research". I do the exact same research!!!

He's adorable and they do grow so fast.

Take heart, the tantrums only last a few years. :)

Monkeymama said...

What a sweet boy. :)

Both of my kids were sensitive to citrus for a while and would get diaper rash. They grew out of it.

My big road trip tips are:
- Plan to stop for a snack and to run around a bit every 2-2.5 hours or so. I found it is mentally easier to just plan those in.

- We bring a big bag of board books and soft toys and just keep handing them back. At each stop we gather them all up again and start over.

- Bring favorite CDs or music.

- Try to drive during nap or sleep time.

I always act peppy and try to keep the mood really light with lots of fun music and interaction with the kids - even rear facing they did ok on longer trips.

JM said...

15 months already? My how time flies! And such a cutie pie he is too :). Hopefully the reaction was just a fluke or if nothing else something small he will grow out of. My husband was allergic to citrus in early childhood and grew out of it pretty quickly.

Silent said...

Are you planning to keep him rear-facing for some time? I took a 5+ hour car ride (well 2--to/from home/destination) with my daughter just after she turned one. I was going with her alone in our van, so I had lots of space so I could do this too. She still fit in her rear-facing carrier seat but also in the new forward facing seat. I had both in and when we'd stop, I'd change her from one seat to the other. She'd usually sleep in the rear-facing seat and then when she faced forward, I could hand her toys/books from a bag I kept on the passenger front seat.

This might not work if you have a car and/or other passengers.