Thursday, April 22, 2010

This and That

It is time for some random thoughts from the mind of Liz - the sleepy mind of Liz:

* I drew a contest winner from my Ten Thousand Villages giveaway earlier this week and the result was #6 or Missy  The Marketing Mama!  Yay Missy!  I'll drop you an email and get them sent out to you.

* Baby goat seems to be on the mend.  At least he made it to day care the last two days.  I want a break from all this illness so badly.  I want him to feel better but I also, selfishly, would like full nights sleep and to catch up on some of the things that have been left behind due to the illness parade of 2010.

* Have you added your blog to the Lutheran Geek's Couch to 5k Challenge?  There are a few more days until Monday and we'd love to have more blogs to support.  In the meantime visit the blogs that are there and give them some love.  It goes such a long way.  Or join me on twitter and you'll get to hear about the aftermath of tonight's run.  I'm surprised and inspired by all the people doing this with me now.  Even my mother went out and bought some running shoes so we'll see where it takes us all.  I took some super secret before pictures last Monday but we'll see if I get the guts to post them any time soon.

* There is another MN Blogger Get Together in the works and Molly is organizing it this time.  You should go and read about it and RSVP to come!  Yes, you!  I see you lurking there.  Best of all, we are taking donations (food and $$) to help end childhood hunger as Molly is one of the blogging correspondents for the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign with ConAgra Foods.

* I am officially done pumping now.  I successfully pumped for 13+ months and even though we couldn't breastfeed traditionally I'm glad that I pushed through and made pumping work.  I'm hoping to do a post about the whole process and would be happy answer any questions  you have RE: pumping exclusively so feel free to leave them in the comments or drop me an email.

* As nice as it is to be done pumping I don't think it is a coincidence that it was only after baby goat's transfer from breast milk to cow's milk that we joined this continual illness parade time loop we've been in lately.  Boo.  Also, I desperately need to go buy new bras which isn't my favorite activity.

* I have had to shop for baby girls lately and can I just say there is CUTE stuff out there for girls.  I'm just sayin'...

* I'm also hoping to add some guest bloggers every so often, particularly if I end up sick again.  If you'd ever want to be a guest blogger let me know and when I figure out the whens and wheres I'll be in touch.

*  I got a special surprise today and got to have lunch with my Texas cousin and his bride!  They were married last year in TX shortly after baby goat was sprung from the NICU so we weren't able to attend.  It was good to see them, meet Emily and have a fun lunch.  And since he is a blog stalker here I thought he deserved a shout out!  Thanks for lunch Joey and Emily!

* Farm Babies at the MN Zoo is still going on right?  I haven't missed it? Baby goat needs to meet a baby goat.

* Our small apartment is starting to get even smaller with a rapidly improving "toddling" baby goat.  That we have too much stuff, too little space, and tight quarters were even more apparent in the many sick days we were home this week.  Obviously now that it is getting nicer we can go to the park and stuff but we need to look into other options soon I hope.


MollyinMinn said...

Baby goat needs to meet a baby goat cracked me up. Sorry I don't have the answer, but I like the image all the same.

And thanks for mentioning the event!

Valerie said...

3 Things:

1) That Baby goat thing cracked my up too. I laughed and shared it with Hans.

2) Apparently baby girls are very popular this season. Where I'm working we have a boy's section and a girl's section. I think for every 1 person who looks at boy things, there are 4 people who look at girl things. Odd!

3) I hope y'all can expand soon. I'm not sure what y'all are planning on doing (or what the market's like in MN), but our house payment is about $100 less than our rent payment was. More for less is my kind of deal!

Amelia Sprout said...

The baby goats at the zoo are adorable (sort of wanted to sneak one home in my pocket), he should meet them. It goes through the end of the month.

love said...

pumping for 13 months is a huge accomplishment...good job!
also, i don't think it's selfish to want a full night's does start to wear on us mamas and i'm praying for one for you!! hope and pray everyone is better quick!

Unplanned Cooking said...

I'm so excited about Molly's event! I can't believe I've never been to farm babies. Our kids would love all the baby animals.

fritzfacts said...

Yeah for all the hard work you have done for Baby Goat! That is amazing and fantastic!

Baby Goat needs to meet a Baby How funny! I think Farm Babies is still going, but only this weekend more I think. The farm is still open, they just don't flaunt the babies as much.

The Marketing Mama said...

So so so proud of you with the pumping thing. You did an amazing job, Liz. Hope you are feeling a strong sense of pride at what you accomplished.

Both my kids went through sick bouts after they stopped getting breastmilk, too.

And hey, so surprised I won your giveaway - yay! THanks!

Hyacynth said...

You are so inspiring with the pumping and the Couch25K challenge!
I have been pumping daily this week because we've been at the hosiptal during the day, and it's not an easy job. Congrats on doing it for 13 months!

JM said...

The world inside your house never seems as small as does when confined indoors with a sick kiddo. Hope baby goat is officially on the mend and no more sickies in sight! And again, way to go you for pumping for 13 months - amazing!