Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gimme a Break!

We can't catch a break around here lately.  In the newest development in sick land baby goat now has an ear infection.  Luckily we were able to get on top of it, finding it at and urgent care visit for a burn instead.  I'm so glad I happened to say, "Could you just peek in his ears while we are here?"  I was on the look out since the Dr. warned me it was a possibility and his antibiotic was now out of his system.

So maybe that was my break, catching yet another sickness before it took us out of daycare again.  Nevertheless, I now have the resident sickness and am cranky and tired.  And now I am going to bed to try to sleep until Mr. Goat gets home from his bachelor party. (I did tell him to go, how often is one of your best friend's home from Israel to have a big party celebrating his wedding, but that doesn't mean I'm not cranky about it.)

I'm trying to be gentle with myself.  I know that the work will get done and people are more grace-filled than I give them credit for.  I'm trying to reschedule my day to take *myself* to urgent care too in hopes of hearing out of my ears and breathing without coughing.  I'm trying to remain positive and do only what I can.  As my friend Kate put it after I was stressing:  Stop the negative talk, please.  God doesn't make junk.  You are the daughter of a Risen King.  A true D.O.R.K, right??  (I LOL'ed at that.  Just add D.O.R.K. to my self proclaimed and loved Geek moniker too!)

So that's where I'm at.  I will have a C25K update on Monday and some other fun stuff around here next week too so I hope you'll bear with the germs and misery for the moment.  Night all, this mom is hitting the cough syrup and hitting the hay.


Cheryl and Chris said...

Take time for you. and GOOD LUCK with the couch to 5K stuff! (Found you from Jen's site)

fritzfacts said...

Taking time for you is important, even if you only go to Urgent Care. I hope you are feeling oh so much better!!