Saturday, April 03, 2010

April Fool's Day - Universe Style

I didn't have any pranks pulled on my by friends or family this year, for which I am grateful.  However, the universe seemed to be in on some great cosmic joke during this week's Maundy Thursday/April Fool's Day combo.  Here is just a few of the fun occurrences of my April Fool's Day:

1.  April Fool's day began at Midnight, shortly after I posted my Smiling post, with a sobbing baby gasping for air between coughs.  Then a nebulizer treatment and nurse-line call we took the steps to calm him down and get things cleared out.  We did the ER midnight debate dance but ultimately the nebulizer worked its magic and we all went to bed.

2.  Mr. Goat had to stay at home again with the baby and take him to the Dr as I had a major church event that day, preparing, serving and running a Seder banquet for 100 for our 5th grade first communion kids.  So I drove off leaving two tired and cranky boys behind.

3.  In preparing for said banquet I cut my finger open while chopping onions. (I should not be given knives)

4.  We were serving chicken legs for 100 (those who know me well know the fear this strikes in my heart)

5.  At said banquet a child threw up (the parents said it was do to an antibiotic and not our cooking).

6.  Most of my clean up crew was inexplicably unavailable at the last minute (70 degree weather anyone?) so my kitchen crew cleaned up too.  I missed Maundy Thursday services to clean up with them.   Some of my helpers ended up putting 6 hours in for me from prep to clean up rather than the 2 they signed up for.

Actually, what is funny is that Thursday seemed like SO much stress and trouble at the time, but a few days removed I'm just simply grateful that I had people willing to help through the bumps in the road.  There was a nurse line, and Mr. Goat who stayed home, there was a Dr. who took baby goat's breathing seriously, there was a whole crew who stayed beyond their duties to make sure the work got done.

It has been a hard week.  Baby goat certainly has had bronchitis and quite likely pneumonia (two other daycare kids have it too), but our doctors started the antibiotic early and the steroid a few days later to get a jump on it.  As sick as baby goat was I don't think he got as sick as his daycare friends because of the doctor's willingness to treat a small rasp in baby goat's asthma prone lungs promptly.

And can I just say that Mr. Goat is awesome.  He stayed home for two days straight with a sick sick kid as I was stuck as work in the final prep for Holy Week events.  At work one of the days I mentioned that Mr. Goat was home with baby goat and they said, "Oh, do you trust a dad for that?" in a half joking way.  The answer is yes.  Mr. Goat was a trooper and did everything that I would have done.  It is true that I wanted to be home but it was because I felt like I wasn't helping baby goat get better, but I never had a moment of worry that Mr. Goat couldn't handle it.  Dad's deserve so much more credit than they are given...especially Mr. Goat this week (feel free to give him a shout out in the comments). 

Thursday was a rough day.  A day where I was going 100 mph from morning until about 8:30pm.  But no matter how fast I was moving my mind was back with my boys at home.  Still for that whole busy day I could not have done it without countless people who helped just because help was needed.

The universe may have been trying to pull a great cosmic April Fool's joke on me but in reality the joke's on the universe.  With more than a little help I came through the other side in good spirits and even laughing over the events of the week.  No Foolin'

(But baby goat, please remember in the future, when a member of your family works for the church, no Holy Week illnesses are allowed!)


Kim said...

You're right Liz, Dads do deserve way more credit than they are given, so a toast to your Mr. Goat! It is very likely that my own husband will be spending the summer home with our boys, and I haven't given it a second thought.

And I was totally serious when I mentioned on Twitter that I would help you next year with your Seder banquet. My skills in a Church kitchen will probably be the only skills I'll bring to the table as a Pastors wife when my husband eventually becomes a Pastor.

dayfullofgrace said...

Oh man - you have had a rough week. Holy Week is enough stress on its own! Hope B.G. feels much better very soon.

As you know, Seth is a stay-at-home dad and is extremely fabulous at it. So those "dads can't handle it" kinds of comments are very grating on us both. Not to mention that those kinds of comments put increased pressure on women since I think they give men a free pass to bow out of baby duty ("you'd be so much better at it anyway, honey!"). Off my soapbox now... but I had no doubt Mr. G could handle it and did beautifully!

Amanda said...

Well... your attitude is to be commended!! Great job!

Be blessed-

Amelia Sprout said...

When you have two parents who work full time, there isn't any way that both of them couldn't and shouldn't stay home when needed, without any issues. A and I take turns trading off who stays home and it works well. My other personal least favorite comment, saying that dads "babysit" their own kids.

Glad it is almost over and everyone has survived.

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Liz, I'm glad to be more present in the blogging world again, but so sorry to hear about your recent mishaps. I hope your Easter was especially joyful!