Wednesday, March 31, 2010


In the busiest week of the church year, with a sick kid and a messy house, sometimes you just have to find things that make you smile.  Here are some of the things that made me smile today!

  • The Weather - the warmest day in 6 months, nearly 80 degrees, full of green little sproutlings.
  • Free lunch - one of the perks of church work is the occasional funeral lunch.  Ham rolls, bread and butter pickles, veggies and a cookie - the lunch of champions.
  • Peepshi - need I say more.
  • Realizing that I'm 15 books into my 50 book challenge and on pace for a 60 book year.
  • All your generous comments, support in my Couch to 5k challenge too, plus all the great people willing to do this mountain with me!
  • That my dad's handle for commenting on my blog is Yo'Papa.
  • That I get to play trumpet this year again for Easter after missing last year.  I even get to play my C trumpet which has been collecting more dust than I'd like.
  • That my lip held up during Easter brass rehearsal. (that sounds dirtier than it is).
  • That come noon on Sunday life seems calmer.
  • That we've seen Sister goat twice this week (spring break) and she's coming up to play when daycare is closed Friday too!
  • That I can wear flats without socks again.
  • Sock monkeys.
  • Baby goat kisses.
  • Mr. Goat's who shifts schedules to stay home with the sick baby.
  • The thought of attending some of my favorite church services in the next few days.
Tomorrow morning the stress will greet me again.  But tonight I am smiling.


Robin said...

Love it - made me smile for you! As my sister-in-law would say, sounds like an "embarassment of blessings"! And hello, Peepshi?!? Love it!

Monkeymama said...


Have a blessed Easter!

Unplanned Cooking said...

Can't believe I'm missing 80 degree weather! It's cold where I am out East.

Kate1024 said...

Ditto here on the weather- and church work (or volunteering to the amount of work) IS stressful this week- i have an ever-growing seder to put on tonight and it's becoming a little overwhelming- and with that, bell rehearsals, drama rehearsals, and then services as a whole- yes, it is a busy week. But I'm doing the same as you- come Sunday noon, everything seems calmer. AND- the best part that makes me smile is knowing that I'm NOT alone- and there are many more people I love doing the SAME KIND OF THING! =) God be with you these next few days!

Valerie said...

Where on Earth did hear about Peepshi? That's fantastic!