Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

* I'm waiting for Mr. Goat to come home from choir rehearsal to read my sermon.  I am preaching tomorrow for our Lenten series.  I do it once a year and dust off my Seminary skills but I've never done it with the frequency to get the hang of my thoughts and writing with the specifics of a sermon in mind.  I need a new set of eyes, so I'm sending out some random thoughts tonight as I let it sit for a moment.

* I'm so very grateful for all your thoughtful comments on my Big problem post.  I'm feeling more centered now and a little less panicked.  I realize that I have time and that my awareness is the first step to fixing the potential problem.  I'm considering what my next logical action steps are.  First we are working to wean baby goat off of breastmilk and bottles.  It is going well so far but we are going slow too.  Secondly I am working to find some very quick dinner options that we can all eat as a family.  As baby goat is doing better and better with table food we need to move in that direction.  It will be healthier for us all.  However, we all get home right as dinner time commences so I need some quick healthy ideas.  I'm searching but options are appreciated.

* As grateful as I am, I'm also sort of annoyed at you blogland.  I know it is silly but I was hoping for a greater response to my birthday donation post.  It is funny, you tempt people with a giveaway and they comment, you offer to give money to a worthy cause and comments trickle in.  I still love you blogland but I was hoping that you'd step up.  After all, I debated about how much to donate per comment since we aren't exactly living in Mr. McDuck's vault of money over here, but I also hoped I'd have a response that challenged me too.   You can still donate of course - comment here and we'll add you to the list.  My parents are now matching the donation, and Mr. Goat's parents are sending a check too.  $70 buys a goat...

* We've has some random, minor, mysterious illnesses over here in the last week.  A random fever, a temporary stomach bug, teething, etc.  I'm hoping that we can just find a place where we are well.  It seems like it has been a while.  It seemed we were on the mend but baby goat got a random fever again tonight.  Argh.

* Completely random fact about Mrs. Goat:  When the snow starts thawing like this, and when traffic allows, I like to to drive near the curb and crush as much of the ice shelves as I can.  Very satisfying supporting the coming of spring.

* There is a dog yipping in the hallway and I worried it was baby goat for a second.  It is not.  Whew.

* We've been working on "gentle" with baby goat as he enjoys manhandling the cats (and occasionally the daycare kids).  On Sunday he was grabbing the cat and pulling him across the ottoman when I told him "gentle"  He stopped, kissed the cat on the mouth, pet him twice, and started pulling again.  I'll count it as progress.  (The cats are very tolerant, so very tolerant).

* I'm giving myself a big FAIL on my lenten disciplines so far.  I'm just lucky I'm getting all my stuff done right now.  Multi-tasking is just a part of my reality lately.  I'll just have to cut myself some slack, keep trying and contemplate what the true goal of the discipline is. 

* I hate and love laundry night.  I hate it because it is laundry.  I love it because it always finds Mr. Goat and myself putting laundry away together so that we can sleep in the bed.  We have great conversations then - no tv, no computer, just him, me and socks to pair.

* I also love Easter candy.

* Mr. Goat is home.  Back to the sermon.  If you want to read it tomorrow I'll put it up.


Valerie said...

Sounds like you've got a lot going on. I'm sure the sermon will be great.

Also, I commented! Don't be mad at me!

As for the random illnesses, I know there's some stuff going around down here. There's definitely a 24 hour stomach bug (which is absolutely awful. Hans hasn't been through it...lucky guy). And I'm not sure if it was another illness or the prelude to the stomach bug, but the week before I got hit hard I had a few mild feverish nights and a general feeling of blah (you read my blog). Maybe baby goat has something similar.

I loathe laundry night. I used to not mind it when we went to the laundromat, but now that it's in our apt it never gets folded. How can clean laundry make more of a mess?

I love your spring game. Sounds like the right thing to do.

Baby Goat's reaction to "gentle" is adorable. I wish I could see it.

I also love Easter candy. Everyone loves Cad bury Eggs, but try the Russel Stover ones. They're amazing!

Unplanned Cooking said...

I would love for you to put up your sermon. It's amazing to me that you can write one.

Monkeymama said...

I play "crush the ice" too! We had big ice build ups across the whole road here, except for two tire paths in each direction. So, last week I was purposefully driving outside of the tracks to help speed up the melting. :)

Amber said...

Chris and I have been experimenting with the meals on notakeout. They're decently healthy without being annoyingly so. It gives you exact ingredient lists and step by step instructions.

dayfullofgrace said...

Sorry, Liz, I'm behind on my blog reader. I'll go comment now!