Monday, March 01, 2010

"Not me" Monday

Today is the sort of day that insists that I play along with McKMama's Not Me Monday so welcome to my day.

I certainly did NOT bury myself under the covers when baby goat started crying again at 6:30am this morning.  I certainly was NOT annoyed to lose my final half hour asleep after being up with him from 11:30pm - 2:00am the night before.  I would NEVER let my precious son cry more than a moment longer than necessary.

I also did NOT feel embarrassed by baby goat's weight on the scale and I would NEVER wonder if I am doing something wrong since his weight is in the 97+% percentile.  I would NEVER overlook that he is healthy, happy and almost entirely caught up developmentally from his preemie beginnings and focus on the one slightly "keep an eye on it" comment from the doctor.

I would NOT find myself less than an hour later kneeling in the middle of the hall of the dr's office trying to console a baby who did not want his the bandage from his pricked finger.  I would NEVER have to hold him down to keep him from getting blood everywhere.  Also my underwear would NOT be hanging out while I bent over giving him a bottle, consoling him and trying to clean up.

I, of course, am NOT annoyed by the 50 minute wait at Target to fill baby goat's perscription afterward.  I would NOT browse Target during this time and put Ben and Jerry's and Cheetos into my cart. 

I would NOT in my funk find myself writing responses to rude emails in my head or swearing over annoymous innappropriate blog comments (that are since deleted).

I would NEVER yell at a well-meaning insurance employee who called with a simple question and happened to have the bad luck to wake up the napping baby who then screamed.  (Turns out I would feel guilty immediately afterwards though, if such a CRAZY thing would have happened).

I would NOT have put the baby in the pack n play to play for 45 min before Mr. Goat came home just so I could answer email.

And of course, I would NOT think that maybe a day at work might have been simpler and less funk-ifying than a day home with my son.  I always treasure our time together and am NEVER cranky with him.

How was your day blogland?


simplicity said...

ugh! Thankfully my day was a lot better than yours! :) I mean that in the best way you know! Sorry it was so funky! We've all been there. Here's to hoping tomorrow or the next time you're home with baby goat is much, much better!

Suzi said...

Oh yuck, I hate days like that. I am sorry it was such a crazy day. Tomorrow will be better. :)

Emma said...

Tomorrow will surely be better!!

Tiffany said...

Boy, hon, I have NOT be there! Here's the best thing about babies and toddlers. You can be very angry and even yell and then you immediately feel guilty about it. Then you put them down for a nap or to bed for the night and you stew and stew and stew about it. And then, they wake up and you go and get them out of bed and they look at you with those eyes and that beautiful smile almost as if to say, "Oh thank goodness, it is you mom, I love you so much." And suddenly, you are better and things are better and the world looks much brighter until the next time.... Hang in there and remember that I love you!

Elizabeth said...

I do hope that Tuesday goes better for you! And a word on the son was in the top percentiles (90-97) until his 18th month check-up. Once he started walking, it slowly came down and he's a lot more proportional now. All to say that I wish I could take back all of the energy I spent worrying about it at the time. I think it's just a sign of a healthy little one!

Valerie said...

And you certainly would NOT post a blog documenting someone else's life! Ha ha. I hope today is better, and I'm sorry you had such a funky day yesterday. Great! Now I have the song in my head that goes, "Mama said there'd be days like this..." Good luck!