Friday, March 26, 2010

13 months

Today baby goat is 13 months old.  It blows my mind every day.  A year ago baby goat was still in the hospital and weight under 5 lbs.  Now he is a GIANT baby - tall, chubby with an enormous head :)  I couldn't be happier about it.  (Despite my worry about learning to feed him and teach him how to eat properly)

Everyday he seems to develop a new skill or gain further mastery in something.  He isn't walking...yet.  But it doesn't really stop him from getting anywhere and everywhere he wants to go.  He's thrilled to practice walking in any form, whether it is cruising around the furniture or pushing the wagon outside at daycare.  He is on the move and doesn't like to sit still.
With size and motor skills come new challenges of course.  Diaper changes are a wrestling act and I think he's got the upper hand.  This kid is strong (and determined). We have to work on being "gentle" with the cats and the other kids at daycare.  He's just young and doesn't have a sense of his power.  The cats have been patience but they are starting to remind him that the pulling is NOT appreciated.
If he has an area where he lags behind on development at all it is in his language, but even in the last few days this seems to be increasing.  And really he's not behind, especially considering his premature birth.  We keep and eye on it but really he is an observer first and always has been.  Plus with the plethora of girls at daycare it may be that he can't get a word in edgewise.

While we began with gender neutral toys and have a wide variety it has become clear that at least for now he favors balls and things with wheels.  He buzzes his lips as he rolls his trucks and trains along with him.  I keep trying to get a video of it but if there is anything that he loves MORE than balls and wheels it is technology.  If a computer, phone, remote control, or camera is within sight reaching it and playing with it (read banging on it and pushing buttons) becomes his sole focus.

He continues to be happy in almost all situations, except when his mission is thwarted and when teething sets in.  He loves to be outside and I can't wait for spring to fully set in and we can start walking and playing at the park.  He already stands by our window with longing and hates coming in when we are out (particularly when daycare goes outside).

I'm amazed by this boy everyday.  We've been given an easy and happy child - at least so far :)!  We are blessed and everyday is an adventure.  I love this baby goat and he makes our family so joyful.


Valerie said...

He likes, balls, wheels, and electronics. If he starts to randomly "juggle" things beware. You've got yourself a Hans!

He really is adorable. I just wish we could see him more.

Monkeymama said...

He's turning into a little boy instead of a baby! It's amazing how they can fight diaper changes.

Rebecca was always an observer - she likes to get her thoughts together before she starts talking.

Recovering Procrastinator said...

Love the Oscar shirt. I wouldn't worry about his language yet. Connor didn't say much at that age and now he rarely stops talking.

simplicity said...

Love that little Oscar shirt! So sweet! Time flies, doesn't it???

MoDLin said...

Sounds like your "little" guy has made great progress. I wouldn't worry about the language skills at this point. They will come when he's ready, especially if you talk to him all the time and read to him. One day he'll start blathering away. Just wait til he learns to ask "Why?"

Marie said...

No worries about the language - every child is different and mine is the same. Girls that are 13 months are saying phrases that Murray is finally picking up. The docs aren't worried, so I'm not. He's beautful!