Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Thoughts

* Did you know that the Pope used the term "precious dust" in an Ash Wednesday reflection?  And here I thought I had coined the phrase!  What would all the Catholics think that the Pope is stealing from a little ol' Lutheran in MN?  (I am just kidding of course.  I'm sure the it has been used before and will be used again.  And honestly I'm more than a little flattered!  You can read the Pope's reflection here, or my own here.)

* I keep finding myself shocked that at this time last year I was already in the hospital and sick.  This year is so very different and strange and how can I have an *almost* one year old!  For some reason my mind can't wrap my head around this.

* I've done 14 loads of laundry since Sunday and STILL have more to do.  Will it never end?!

* Vanilla or Chocolate Cake for baby goat?  Or both?  Mr. Goat is calling for the traditional family checkerboard cake which would be both, hmmmm....

* I'm trying to figure out a simple birthday tradition to start with baby goat.  It could be meaningful or goofy but I'd like to start something - even if he's too young to know what is going on now.  Any suggestions?

* I am prepping for my once-a-year preaching at church for a Lenten service.  For some reason this year has me more nervous than most, even two weeks away.  I hope I'll feel better about it once my sermon is written.

* We are in the process of figuring out how to give up cable TV and find a cheaper internet service.  I'm sort of overly crabby about this.  I know it is the right thing and it is just TV but I keep thinking of the shows I'll miss - Twins games, Project Runway, the whole Food Network, etc - and I get all wishy washy.  Is it sad that I'm that addicted to TV?

* Baby goat seems to be teething and has been for months but we have the same 6 teeth we've had since the end of Nov.  I wonder where the new teeth are coming and when they might decide to show up.  Tonight baby goat went in to give me a kiss and decided to bite my lip and use it as a teething ring instead.  Ouch.

* Emma, from Divored by 30 was nice enough to give me a blog award - my very first blog award ever!  I am really enjoying reading her story and it was so nice of her to share this award with me.

The rules of the award tell me that I am supposed to share 7 unique or interesting things about myself and then pass it on to 7 other bloggers.  Why not?  My problem will be narrowing it down to seven (bloggers that is, not interesting facts!)  So here goes:

Seven random facts about Mrs. Goat:
1.  I slept with a Teddy Bear until I got pregnant myself - and yes that includes plenty of married years.  His name was Mistletoe and he currently guards baby goat's room.  (I think being pregnant finally convinced me to grow up and switch to a less embarrassing pillow!)
2.  It really bugs me to get to the entrance ramps (the kind with two lanes and lights) to choose the "wrong" line and have someone who was behind me get in front of me.  I don't know why but I get really snarky that I got it wrong.
3.  I had 3 majors in college - Math, English and Religion.  It was hard to choose just three!
4.  I've been to 4 continents (if you count the Middle East as Asia) - North America, South America, Asia and Europe.
5. I've played trumpet for over 20 years now and have missed playing only a handful of Easters, the most recent being last year with baby goat still in the NICU.
6. I am an introvert but can still turn on the "Morgenstern" charm, to the point where a childhood nickname was ShowBizLiz
7.  I think I enjoy playing with baby goat's toys as much, if not more, than he does.  I'm looking forward to his inevitable lego phase!

And 7 fellow bloggers who are beautiful on their blogs and in person - inside and out!
1. Missy at Marketing Mama
2. Darcie at GustGab
3. Jen at Recovering Procrastinator
4. Samara at Simplicity in the Suburbs
5. Melinda at Getting Things Write
6. Val at Journey of a Dog Trainer
7. Jen at UnplannedCooking

And for the record, I had such a hard time picking just seven, I wanted to pick my whole blog reader full of awesome blogs and awesome bloggers, but the rules said seven, so that's what you get.


darcie said...

Show biz Liz? you are soo wearing that on your name tag at our next event! love it!
I'd put 7 random facts about me on my blog - but I have my 100 things about my on my sidebar and that is waay more info than anyone needs to know about me...plus, I'm behind in my Disney posts! ;)

Valerie said...

Yay! I'm a beautiful blogger! Now I'll actually have to write another post. Now for other comments.

1) That's a whole lot of laundry! I used to love doing laundry (it was so easy) but somehow my laundry needs have grown exponentially in the past few years. I really get sick of doing laundry now.

2) I say both chocolate and vanilla. My favorite cake is marble cake, so I'd totally go for the checkerboard cake. I do vote for chocolate frosting, though.

3) To be a bit of a jerk, isn't the tradition the birthday itself (party, family, friends, etc)? Ok, now for more helpful ideas. What about starting him with some sort of collection? You could give him something train-related every year. Or you could start a small stamp collection or coin collection. Just an idea.

4) So, I know giving up cable is really hard, and Hans and I are looking forward to eventually getting it back, but it's really not as bad as it seems. We can still watch most of our favorite programs on Netflix and Hulu, and not having t.v. helps us to focus a little more on doing other things. I do recommend that you at least sign up for Hulu and that you hook your computer up to your t.v.

Good luck with everything!

Tiffany said...


1. I hate laundry and can't believe you have done that much! I am truly impressed and no, sadly it doesn't ever end, there is always more laundry.

2. I am a chocolate/chocolate cake girl and did that with Emily and Jack but for Cecilia I found a recipe for vanilla cake that made just a small 4 inch cake so I could make her a small cake and not feel like I was wasting so much but then she could really dig in.

3. I have found that the best traditions are the ones we fall into and not one that we necessarily plan. For instance, for my birthday Patrick was in school and usually had a final on my birthday so we couldn't do much. So by the time he came home, I had the kids in their feetie pajamas and we all got into the van and drove around looking at Christmas lights until the kids fell asleep. It slowly became a tradition and now that Patrick is not in school, the kids still look forward to driving around looking at Christmas lights on my birthday. It happened out of chance and it is a tradition that we treasure as a family.

4. And no, I do not blame you for being sad about giving up cable, I would be too. :(

I miss you tons!

Tiffany said...

Oh and one more thing! I too feel the same way about on ramps! I feel the same way when I pick the 'wrong' lane but find personal triumph when I pick the 'right' lane and get on before others! teehee

Recovering Procrastinator said...

Don't be too embarrassed. My husband still sleeps with a teddy bear.

If you are just trying to cut cable costs, consider Comcast's family package. It's much cheaper and the only thing we really miss having is FSN. We actually get some channels we didn't have before, like National Geographic.

And thanks for the award. :)