Sunday, February 07, 2010

Random Thoughts during the Super Bowl

* Man baby goat can MOVE!  Crawling is gaining speed and determination.  Standing is our favorite thing ever, and we are letting go without tumbling for seconds at a time.  As Mr. Goat and I say, we are DOOOOOOOOOOOMED!  In a completely good way of course.

* I haven't had a day fully off since MLK day on Monday Jan 18.  I haven't been completely well since that time either and my threatening cold is not entrenched.  My next scheduled day off - Friday the 12th.  I can't wait. Yes this is whiny - No I don't care!

* Despite it all I am in a good mood, go figure.

* Why are all the Superbowl commercials about emasculated males this year?  If a car will really make you feel better about having to be an equal partner with your wife you are already in trouble. 

* Google on the other hand wins for their commercial - that was sweet, simple and communicated their product well.  In fact, I *may* have teared up...blush.

* Mr. Goat and I both got out of the house last night and left baby goat with a non-family babysitter.  Not only did she take awesome care of him, introduce him to Wild Hockey, and get him to bed easily and on time, she also refused any payment beyond a piece of Sister Goat's birthday chocolate espresso cheesecake.  Awesome!

* Baby goat's favorite forbidden things are brought to you by the letter C - cat food, crumbs, cords.  He was described as the "puppy" of daycare this week - dashing everyone's crumbs.  I prefer to think of him as our little Roomba.  (No, we don't actually let him eat crumbs if we can help it.  Yes, we vaccuum.  No, I don't know where he finds them all).

* Sister Goat turns 19 today!  Happy Birthday Sister Goat.  I have a post coming tomorrow just for you!

* I got a pair of Born pink sandals yesterday for $20.  Nice.

* Baby goat gets to bring Valentine's for his daycare friends on Friday.  Somehow I thought this stuff wouldn't happen until he was older.  Not that I minded finding cute kids V-day cards.

* While it is sort of fun to watch the Super Bowl with baby goat, Mr. Goat and in my jammies it does make me feel a bit sad that we didn't have any super bowl party invites.  We need more friends who live in town.

* I cannot be trusted to go to the store, after work/church, before lunch, and with a cold.  The result - LOTS of junk food and full tummies.  On the other hand, ICE CREAM!

* Congratulations Saints!  Who Dat?  You Dat indeed!

* In other news...19 days until baby goat's first birthday.  That is way too hard to believe!


trishatfox said...

I really do love your writing. I thought you might be interested in my post today. Do you know Dirk Lange at Luther. He spoke at our church on Saturday. Got everybody all teared up with a story he told.
Take care, Trish

Anti-Supermom said...

Valentines for 1 year olds? Very sweet.., maybe I should be doing that too.

And Baby Goat, no way can he almost be 1.

JM said...

Wow, that year went fast! And lol to your little baby roomba :)