Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Uneven determination

When I was pregnant I ate with the baby in mind.  I avoided cold cuts and soft cheeses.  I limited my diet cokes, I watched my fish intact and had a prenatal vitamin everyday.

Since baby goat was born I have pumped everyday (between 5-8 times a day) to provide him with breastmilk since we couldn't get breastfeeding to work.  I have pumped for 11 months and am still going.

I do it because it is:

1. Healthier for baby goat.
2. Cheaper.

I want to quit pumping each and everyday.  I don't like the time or dedication it takes.  I don't like the extra dishes to wash.  I don't like not being able to play with baby goat because I'm hooked up to a milking machine.  But I do it.  I will do it for at least another month.  Everyday.  I am determined to do this for him.  He deserves it.

11 months committed to baby goat - hours a day - to ensure he gets the healthiest start I can give.

So why can I not give that same time and determination to myself?

Take something simple like taking my lunch to work.  Let's see, it is:

1. Healthier for me.
2. Cheaper.

It doesn't even take as much time as pumping.  Nor does exercise.  Or cooking healthy meals.

Why is it so much easier (still hard but easier) to commit the time and energy to give baby goat the healthier option than myself?  It is hard.  I know it is hard, but I know I have 11 months of determination in my for baby goat and more.

Do I have it for myself?  Surely I deserve it to?


Becky B said...

Bringing my lunch to work every day is one of the hardest changes I've tried to implement in my daily life. The sad part is, it's so easy to bring a lunch, but it's even easier to go out. I've only been bringing my lunch for 3 weeks, and it's a struggle almost every day. I buy the Marie Callender's "homestyle creations" and bring those to work - they're not the healthiest lunch out there, but they're better than a cheeseburger and fries. You find them in the soup/pasta aisle at the store (they're not frozen). Super easy. I need to bring some fruit and stuff to add to my lunch because I'm still so used to eating more, but I'm slowly getting used to it. Sometimes I just bring a sandwich instead. Sometimes I bring the Healthy Choice version instead (but watch out for those - most of them are disgusting - so far, I've only liked the one that's just pasta and red sauce). Or you can do the frozen dealies like Lean Cuisine. Of course, all this stuff is loaded with sodium, and I don't know about you, but I need to watch that because of my blood pressure.

It's tough. But I've lost 8 pounds just by bringing my lunch to work instead of eating out. Really. That's all I've changed. Good luck!

Tiffany said...

It is the most common thing to put things that are healthy and important for us moms on the back burner. We do it every day. It is important to me that my kids stay active, that they aren't picky eaters and that they eat and snack healthy. I can't claim that these are all things I do well. Sometimes, that chocolate speaks a little too loudly to me or I make a plan to walk every day and I am too exhausted to do little more than the household chores.
I think the key is to change they way we look at it. It is healthier for us to do all of these things, but we need to look at it like this, it is HEALTHIER for our kids if we are healthy. When we eat right and exercise more, sure intially we may be more tired, but in the long run, we have more energy and that means more time with our kids. It is something I struggle with too but I am making baby steps every day because I do want to do better and be a better, healthier mother for my kids.

simplicity said...

You do deserve your best you too! Good Luck to you!

Rebecca said...

You do it because you are a mom. You will run into a burning house to save your child. It's harder to do things for ourselves - or at least it's easier to not do good things for ourselves.

I think you are amazing, by the way. What you've done for Baby Goat is a wonderful gift. I'm sure it's been more work than most adults have experienced. Congratulations on hanging in there...

JM said...

You are my pumping hero, I was ready to give up after two months. I can't even fathom going the full year. Awesome job, and lucky baby Goat.

Laura said...

same comments from me... you're the mom so you'll sacrifice anything to give them the best. As a side note, I bring my lunch every day because I hate spending the extra money that I don't have. I like the stouffer's meals. Not the best, but at least I don't talk myself into leaving it for another day... that's all I have to offer.