Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Random Thoughts

I'm interrupting my own blog recap of the Christmas adventures to get some random thoughts down on "paper."  So here we go:

* I am very sad that Augsburg Publisher, the  publishing house of the ELCA, is out of money and being forced to cancel their penisons.  While I don't know the details of their finances it is never a good thing to see a company forced to make such tough decisions and I don't think it bodes well for the ELCA in general either.  Is it a sign of the greater church's decline?  As a church worker I certainly hope not.

* Baby goat is trying so hard to be on the move and is getting frustrated by it.  He loves to be standing and can pull himself up in ideal situations.  He also is getting towards crawling but really doesn't have anything down yet.  The problem is that he's grasped the concept of moving and not the application...hence loud baby frustration.

* As wonderful as two weeks off are it is always a shock to the system to get back to work.  Is it Friday yet?

* The Packers are in the playoffs!  And I won the championship of two of my three fantasy football leagues, beating mostly men.  This is always something I love to do!

* I'm starting to contemplate baby goat's first birthday and am torn.  I want to go big and celebrate it since his birth was a bit more rushed and tense than I would have preferred.  He deserves a proper celebration, but when, how and who is a whole other story.

* In my love of reality tv and the food network I immediately fell in love with the Worst Cooks in America from Sunday.  Maybe it is my love of the underdog or its assurance that I am a better cook than I think.  This is also cemented by the fact that I made a darn good chili and cornbread on Monday thus redeeming my somewhat lacking abilities of late.

* Please vote:  I'm playing with some ideas for the blog - domain names, templates, etc and am torn between my seemingly different blogging identities on the blog - Lutheran Geek and Mrs. Goat.  I realize I am fully both but does the Lutheran Geek capture my new "mom-ness?"  I don't know that I'm a mommy-blog, especially since I think that puts moms who blog in a narrow box, but I definitely have more mommy content than I did before baby goat was born.  What do you guys think?  Any sense of which identity speaks to you more or how I might merge them succinctly in a blog title?

*  How early is too early for swimming lessons?  We took baby goat swimming for the first time and he loved it, so now I'm thinking of looking for some.  Is ten months too young?

* I'm sure NO ONE has mentioned this, but it is darn cold out in MN these days.  It makes me want to hibernate.

* It is time to shop for a convertible car seat.  Anyone have any preferences?

* Don't forget to follow me on twitter or facebook now!  It is so much fun to get to know new people on the internets.   I'd love to get to know any of my readers better - even if you already know me and I know you!


Melinda said...

Oh I loved WORST COOKS too! Amusing AND frightening!

As for swimming lessons, we started our daughter at 7 months--we actually would have started at 6 months (we were waiting for the the swimming term to start up again) and I think that was a great time for it. There were some other kiddos in her class who were starting when they were a bit older and they had some problems adjusting to the water.

Elizabeth said...

I like your Lutheran Geek handle.

And I LOVE my Britax carseat. My son was big and we had to switch him to a convertible car seat at 4 1/2 months as he passed up 20 lbs. We got the Britax Marathon. It goes up to a higher weight limit. He's 3 1/2 now and still uses it (and will for a long time!). It's expensive, but I kept looking online and found a good deal come up. It is seriously the best money I've ever spent on a baby product. We had to rent a very cheap carseat on vacation once and it was so uncomfortable for him. And it was lower so he couldn't see out of the windows. And the buckles got so hot in the car that it burned him and for months afterward he would ask me "is to too hot?" every time I buckled him in. Not worth it. I love my Britax!

Becky B said...

I was downright giddy when I watched "Worst Cooks in America" on Sunday night. It made me feel better about myself. At least I know how to make soup from a can.

Bass Daddy said...

You were 11 months when we started swimming lessons.

How about "Liturgi-mom" for a blog title?

dayfullofgrace said...

We love our Britax Marathon too - you can get a good deal if you shop around.

I am beyond upset about the Augburg Fortress pension news. And a lot of my anger is directed at the ELCA, which has said it owes no fiduciary duty to AFP. AF's website now says it is the ministry of publishing "within" the ELCA, not "of" which I believe it used to say. I'm so sad and disappointed that the ELCA is hanging them out to dry like this. You can read more at http://cyberspiritcafe.blogspot.com/2010/01/unhappy-new-year-at-augsburg-fortress.html?spref=fb.

Soupy said...

Britex Marathon! LOVE IT!
Albee baby usually has some on sale- we've gotten ours thru their site.

Swimming-well, we did official "lessons" w/Elaine in the summer- she has a life guard do them, but not sure if we'll do it agian this summer. Keifer adores the water- and we just tried to get her swimming/inthe water as much as possible.

I think we'll try official "REAL" lessons (at a club, etc) this Spring.

I don't know how much "lessons" per say would've helped so young, except for getting him used to the water, which you can do! :)

DO a big blow out! :) We did for Keifer's 1st bday and adored it! We did low key for her 2nd - plus she didn't care- it was more for us (The 1st) anyways! Ha!

Tiffany said...

We started Em at 4 and Jack at 18 months but that was more out of we just didn't think of it soon enough. We started Cecilia in Lessons at 6 months but I was taking her swimming at less than 2 months. As soon as she could hold her head up on her own, she was in the pool. She LOVED it. She could swim underwater by herself before she was 2. Now, this is both good and bad. The good news is she LOVES the water, the bad news, she doesn't have any respect for it. You have to watch her soooo incredibly closely by any sort of water because she will jump right in. But, I would rather have a child who loves the water than one who is terrified of it.

The good news about starting lessons early: 1) it is wonderful bonding time between mom and baby. It was always my favorite part of the week. 2) They teach things like kicking and moving arms and blowing bubbles and putting your face in the water in a very non-threating way and makes the baby comfortable in the water. 3) They reinforce water safety. You go over and over again with getting in and out of the pool the safe way. They teach how to "wall walk" so the child can move about the pool in a safe way (which Cecilia grasped and could do on her own at about a year.) They also count to 3 EVERY time your child enters the pool (at least at my YMCA). This reinforces that mom needs to be in the pool and you need to wait until you get to 3 before you can get in.

All of this can be taught at any time in a child's life. But we spend a lot of time at the pool in the summer and swimming with the kids so it was especially important for me that my kids start lessons as early as possible. But all that aside, I really LOVED that time with my kids. It was really wonderful and I wish I could get that time back. Swimming lessons at an early age was truly a wonderful experience for us and IF we would ever have another child, I would start he/she as early as possible again in a heartbeat.

Molly Guthrey Millett said...

I took my firstborn for early swimming lessons, not so with the following two, who learned not to be afraid of water by lots of family swim time. I'd say, save your money. The only thing you're teaching them at that young of an age is to be comfortable in water. You can do that by going to family swim time at the Y. Lessons can start when they're like 3 or 4 and can take direction and actually learn to swim.

Also, regarding a first birthday party, I hosted big bashes for the first two of my children as a way to celebrate that we all got through the first year -- I served champagne for the adults and it was really fun. I would have done the same with the third, but life was quite chaotic at that time. :(

I like the idea of spending a special day with the baby on their actual birthday, just a quiet day, lots of one-on-one time, with a party on the following weekend or some other time. B/c you won't spend much quality time with baby when you're hosting a party!

Recovering Procrastinator said...

I love Molly's idea for the 1st bday. My kids so far have gotten big-ish parties at age 1 and age 5 and I plan to continue that.

I like your Lutheran Geek name but if you want it to be more mom-ish, what about Lutheran Geek and Baby Too? Or Raising a Lutheran Geek?