Friday, July 31, 2009

What do you know about DayCare?

Life is moving fast in the Goat household these days. Work keeps me busy and Mr. Goat is busy taking care of baby goat and laying the foundation for his very own law firm. It has a nice ring huh...The law office of Mr. Goat!

But we (hehe, mostly him) are busy with budgets, office spaces, computer programs and articles of incorporation. Eew. My contribution? Polling all of you about daycare. We've agreed that to do this properly he needs to be able to work full time at it, and since my full time job is still necessary for insurance and paying rent and the whole bit we are now looking to be a two income household again soon. I hope. (Anyone need a lawyer?)

Anyway, this means we need to find a daycare. The nice thing is baby goat is getting stronger and we feel like he would be ok in a daycare setting now. As much as it hurts me to think of strangers taking care of my babe I know it is the best thing right now.

But I need your help: How did you find your daycare? Do you have anyone to recommend? In home or big places? Education? Numbers per worker? Questions to ask? The whole gambit. If you have people to recommend (particularly in the south metro) please leave an email address and I'll send you a note. Otherwise, what do I need to know to begin this search?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Scenes from a Baptism

Baby Goat's baptism was a huge success with the help of a great many people. The family all gathered on Sat night for a giant meal at Buca's. It was the first time many of them had been in the same room since our wedding. It meant so much to us that so many people could come into town. We were missing Brother and SIL Goat from VA and my sister and BIL from MI but plane tickets were so expensive that I hardly blame them for not being able to make it.

Sunday morning went off without a hitch - with the slight hiccup of me forgetting completely to bring his shoes and socks. So baby goat just went with bare feet and I think he still stole the show. There were two baptisms that morning and it was fun to be such a good group - I think we were more than the normal "summer" worship crowd.

Baby goat fell asleep just before the sermon and was sleeping up until the water hit him and then he opened his eyes up and gave me a look that said "Huh?" followed by a "Eh, okay, this is fine with me" He was great for church and looked adorable in the final outfit selection - a little linen sailor suit romper. It was perfect - not too fussy or formal for him and not pure white (he looked awful in the little white suit).

What was also very special was the fact that through my "in" with the congregation - aka I work there - we were able to arrange to use one of my mother's hymn texts about baptism for the service. It was one she'd written a while ago but it was wonderful to have that connection and it was very well received by the congregation.

We had a small party that afternoon with tons of food and cake and just a good time. Baby goat was wonderful and very tolerant of all the strange people holding him and loving him. From my end it was just so nice to really celebrate baby goat. So much of his birth and early life was chaotic, and the showers all got canceled (I did actually have a belated church shower a week or so ago which was very sweet) but it meant so much to have that time as a family celebrating our precious boy. (No pictures here of the party - I was too busy and didn't think to hand the camera over like for the service)

And I won't lie, it was more moving than even I thought to participate in the sacrament of baptism with our child. It is something I teach kids and parents about on a regular basis and one of just two sacraments of the Lutheran church (Communion being the other) and it meant so much to know that baby goat was part of the Church family and forever a child of God - even though he was before too. I know that the point of sacraments is to take something everyday (water, bread, wine) and have it transform us through the life, grace and love of God but it was really really REALLY cool to see it for my own son.

Most of us don't remember our own baptisms, but I will always remember his.

Some pictures (P.S. It was also his 5 month birthday so these are his 5 month pictures too!):

All the sponsors - Sister Goat and Tiffany (my friend since Kindergarten) and her husband Patrick

The Goat family

Grandpas who didn't want to share.

Baby goat, child of God, you have been sealed with the Holy Spirit and marked with the cross of Christ forever!

The Great Grandparents (minus Fran who was unable to travel). It was so wonderful to have them all take the time to come be with us.

Gramma "Great" Jean holding baby goat for the first time! She doesn't seem to enjoy him at all. LOL

The Proud Grandparents

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day Off

I took today off and am so glad I did. As much as it pains me to use a day off to clean and organize but I'm always pleased when I do. We are by no means done but I feel like the end is in sight - at least on the parts of the apartment that will be in sight during the weekend's festivities.

Whenever I take real time to clean and organize it is apparent that we own way too much stuff but I do have a hard time letting go of things. Maybe it was a gift, or giveawa or even something I bought but no longer care for or have use for but it is hard to let it go. After baby goat's baptism this weekend I hope to go through my closet as it is full of stained, worn out and too big clothes right now. I need to be ruthless and while I know I'll love the result I have been avoiding it. I am ok putting a box of maternity clothes away for later and keeping a few extra pieces but I always tend to have grand ideas about what my waredrobe should be rather than what I really wear. Maybe this time I'll get a grip and be honest with myself about what I need.

What do you do to help you stay organized and keep yourself from keeping too much stuff? Are you a packrat or a minimalist?

P.S. I am still taking questions for my 500th post. Either I'm so open on the blog that there isn't much that needs answering or I'm boring all my readers away. LOL. So far I have the story of the Goat family name and how me and Mr. Goat met to answer. Others?

Friday, July 17, 2009

#495 Random Thoughts

* Look I'm on post #495. I think this is quite cool and am already planning my 500th post. For that post I thought I would give my faithful readers a chance to know a bit more about me. So if you have a question you'd like me to answer on my 500th post please post it here for me to see. I'd like to let you know more about me.

* Baby goat is growing and smiling and laughing and a general delight. I love being a mom and wish there was more time to be with him each day.

* I also wish I had a team to come and deep clean and organize the apartment. Things are a mess.

* It looks like we'll have a little white suit for baby goat's baptism. Unfortunately the poor boy has my skin tone and doesn't look that good in white. Still it will work for a day.

* I very badly want to go see the Harry Potter movie and also the Proposal. Hopefully I'll get to see one of these in the next few weeks but with the baptism it doesn't seem like it will be in the next week.

* I am so indecisive about what food to serve and it is getting down to time to order it. I don't even know where I want to order from...decisions, decisions.

* I spent last evening shopping with my MIL and SIL. It was fun to get out and to do some "girly" activities. Thanks to a huge coupon we all ended up with quite a bit of things, including new purses which I desperately needed since the strap broke on mine.

* We went out with friends tonight (baby goat came along and did great) and they are expecting any day now. It was definitely strange to be an *expert* (I use the term loosely) on newborns while having no practical advice whatsoever on labor and delivery (short of don't get pre-eclampsia). She's already a month and a half more pregnant than I've ever been so far.

* Mr. Duck, Miss Duck and the whole Duck entourage continue to be the world's most delightful objects according to baby goat. You may want to buy stock at this point.

* Don't forget to leave your comments and questions for me! Also coming on the 500th post is my first ever contest featuring a cool prize made by my own beautiful sister! You won't want to miss it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cracked Open

I understand the how mothers can get Postpartum depression. I don't have it, thankfully, but living life with a new child I understand the place where it comes from. Everything since baby goat's birth seems fresh and...vulnerable.

First you are cracked open in a very physical way to have this precious gift. Your body is changed and morphed and vulnerable. Already I have had strange weird illnesses and body troubles since baby goat's birth and have been on more antibiotics than I have been in years and years. Infections seem to have found a spot to seek in - through the tired and the worry and the go, go, go of it all.

Secondly there is the emotional processing. No longer can I be first on the list. I have to figure out how to be a mother and maintain my other identities - wife, employee, musician, whatever. I have to find a balance and am woman enough to admit that most days I am swinging wildly from one extreme to the next with real little actual balance involved. There are more needs than seem possible in one day and sometimes (most times) it is a priority guessing game.

And there is a cracking emotionally too - your heart is cracked wide to allow for the tiny creature you gave birth too. I think of the Grinch and his heart growing "three sizes that day" and I know how that feels. But there are stretch marks on your heart too. It seems to have grown so much that I often feel unable to turn it off at things that don't need an emotional investment. Commercials don't need tears after all.

I can see the beauty of the European idea of long maternity leaves. Yes, I could physically leave my child at 6 weeks but the reality of my experience isn't processed yet. I need more time. I haven't a f-ing clue where that balance is or what it looks like for me. I know that people at work must be sick of hearing about the baby all the time but that is TRULY all new parents can talk about.

I feel like screaming, "Don't you get it, I am CHANGED and even now I hardly know what the change means or how I am still me and not me and always me at the same time."

I spent a day at camp with my church kids last week. It was a fun day spent an hour away from my husband and my son. The entire drive there I literally felt like I was being stretched like a bungee cord. How could I possibly have the freedom to be so far away from my world right now. There was a physical tightness as I struggled not to give into the bungee and allow myself to be snapped back to the place I wanted to be. And there was a lightness at each mile as I returned to the place where my heart was.

I don't have postpartum depression but I do understand it. Don't you see how the world is new and different? How can I possibly process the changes in my life? How can I encompass the emotions?

I don't know but the blog seems to help.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Encounters of a Geeky kind

Today I ventured away from baby goat and Mr. Goat for a short while to return a pair of capris (the side seem split the second time I wore them and they weren't too tight - um not ok.) and to search briefly for a baptism outfit for me. I have the happy trouble of having lost enough weight that I am swimming in my clothes. A good problem, except when you are broke. So I'm trying to fill in where I can and try to hold out to see how much weight I lose - but I'm about 2-3 sizes down right now so it is getting a bit crazy. Anyway, that is just a happy aside.

So I am at the Mall of America and I am near Barnes and Noble and I see a crowd waiting for book signatures. That's cool. They do that a lot. I have met Alton Brown there a year or so ago. Still, I hadn't heard of someone coming so I wander closer.

Buzz. Aldrin.

I mean really. Right there. The second man on the moon.

I was in geek girl paradise.

Naturally I had to run and buy an autobiography and get it signed. I mean how often do you stumble upon an astronaut who has been on the moon! It was a good geek day!

Quiet moments

It has been a busy week - up to church camp twice, a resurrgence of my sinus infection, a big evening church shindig, a bout of pinkeye (me, luckily not the boys) and some homework from my freelance work. A lot of go, go, go. Not to mention that there is a baptism to plan and birth announcements that still aren't out (nevermind that he's over 4 months old - we had a crazy start here).

Still, baby goat woke up early and he and I have spent a morning cuddling and playing and now he's napping on my shoulder. It is easy to take a moment to enjoy it all. Yes, there is cleaning to do, and yes there is work too. But it doesn't need doing right now. Right now I'll just sit.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dunkin' Duds

Well, we put it off while he was in the hospital and on preemie lock-down but the time has come to give baby goat a proper dunking...aka Baptism. (We are not really a dunking demonimation but it is so much more descriptive than generous sprinkling.) Dates have been set - invites hopefully out soon as it is coming up. We are debating the merits of cake and lunch and yummy celebratory goodies. (Yum.)

After many meticulous discussions Godparents have been chosen. Seriously, we are like some joke I don't know the punchline to: What do you call two theology-geek sleep deprived parents trying to figure who will be the God parents of their firstborn? I don't know but if you'd been a fly on the wall I'm sure it was maddening, circular and boring as can be, yet oddly hilarious.

Still, we made some choices and they said yes! Woohoo! They like us (or the baby), they really like us (or again it could just be the baby).

(Do you love my excessive use of paranthasis - it happens when I am tired. Sorry.)

(You know what I hate? How hard it is to make a smiley emoticon in a parenthasis. See? :) )

(I know, I know, crazy...moving on)

But anyway, there is one major dilemma left - the outfit. We currently have two gowns to choose from. One is less girly but likely too small for baby goat's now squishy michellin man arms. The other is much more girly - think eyelet lace and ribbons. Do-able or alterable but is it worth the effort? One is from Mr. Goat's family and was used on all his siblings/cousins. The other was used for my sister and cousins but is still fairly new. Both are definitely gowns of the old school variety however, which isn't a bad thing.

The third option - some little adorable all white suit or new "manly" gown which lacks the tradition (or starts a new one) yet avoids picking one side or the other. Although really, I know the grandparents are cool with any of these options so we would't be starting world war III with it or anything.

Your thoughts? I'll try to maybe post photos in the next day or two but I don't have them all now.

Monday, July 06, 2009

This and That

* I really shouldn't limit my advice asking to moms as I have had two extremely good dads answer my teething questions as well as the fact that Mr. Goat is a great SAHD himself at the moment. Sorry fellas!

* If you have a second go to vote for my old youth group in the ELCA video contest. They can win some money for their programs. Their video is about the 30 hour famine a tradition that started at St. Paul's way back when I was in the youth group there (which is suddenly a LONG time ago). Go watch their video here. Then just register (only a name and email is required) and rate the video. The higher the rating the better a chance they have to win! Thanks!

* Speaking of voting there are only 9 days left to vote for my friend Missy and her blog (The Marketing Mama) as Nickelodeon's Best Local Blog. You can vote once a day so help Missy keep her lead and win! Vote here!

* Happy Blog-iversary to me. I missed the actual date but I remember starting this litte blog 4 years ago right around the 4th of July (technically it was June 30th). It has been a wonderful project, connection and hobby for the last4 years and I hope it continues to be a place for me to write and for people to keep up with the Goat family. I'm considering how to revamp my design and goals for it now that baby goat is in the world but for now it remains my little space in the world to share me and I like that.

* Also coming up soon is my 500th blog post. And my first contest. So watch for those in the future! Yay!

* And finally, given that I love comments on my blog I am setting a personal goal to comment on every blog post I read this week. It always feels wonderful to know that people are reading out there so I'm going to share the wealth with the many great blogs I read each day. If you'd like to do this with me please join me! And leave a comment - it is nice to know you aren't just talking to yourself out here!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Calling all moms!

So, teething. It sucks right? Because I think we are entering that oh-so special time in baby goat's life. I'm a bit surprised because while he is 4 months old he is still shy of 3 months for his adjusted age. Nevertheless we have drooling and crabbiness and swollen gums and general gnawing on his pacifier. So enlighten me blogland...what can I do? What helped your kid? Did you kid get fevers or any weird symptoms? What details of this baby trauma can you share with me to help educate me (terrify me?) about this phenomenon.

Also, as an aside note - can babies be snuffly and have a runny nose without being sick? Especially if it seems to come and go almost randomly?

Thanks in advance! I hope you had a great weekend - now it is time to get baby goat down and hopefully dream about waking up tomorrow with him having a full set of teeth without any fuss.

Happy 4th of July!

Baby goat would like to wish everyone out there in blogland a Happy 4th of July and a wonderful holiday weekend.

He would also like to remind everyone to drink responsibly this weekend!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Thanks Grandpa!

Thanks Grandpa for getting us signed up for Packer Season tickets. How long do you think it will get through 80,895 others before it is our turn!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Eat, Scream, Sleep, Repeat

Baby goat is a bit under the weather right now. It all started (I think) with a well baby check up yesterday. It was his 4 month one and it went well. He seems to be thriving. He's 13 lbs 9 oz now (25th percentile) and 29 inches long (also 25th percentile) though his head is a whopping 16.75 inches (50th percentile). Naturally we think it is too hold that genius brain of his but that might just be the mom in me talking! :)

What is particularly nice is that he's getting up the charts. When baby goat was discharged from the hospital he was at about 3% on the scale so this is a big growth. Even the doctor is impressed with his growth - though we are continuing his fortifiers for a while though I don't think he's going to have much trouble getting up that scale. (From someone who's always been overweight cheering for weight gain still seems weird but it is for him and not me I guess).

But the checkup meant vaccines and while we've had good luck with them so far this set was a bear. He did fine mostly yesterday but today he's been running a low fever and just cranky and upset. I wish I could help more than we can. It is hard not to worry that it is more than the vaccines and hard to see him feeling ill for the first time. I took today off to help him but I'm not sure I've done much help. Still I hope we get a good nights sleep tonight...we've been in comfort mode since 6am this morning.

I hope he's feeling better tomorrow. Poor Baby Goat. :(