Saturday, December 05, 2009

This and That

* Have you entered the Lutheran Geek contest yet?  Only two more days to enter to win a very awesome CD! 

* My friend Missy the Marketing Mama was nice enough to highlight my Geekling Gift Guide on her blog this week.  Thanks Missy!  If you don't have a little Geekling however consider looking at Marketing Mama's own gift guide for women!  She always has wonderful ideas.  If you don't know her blog you definitely should check it out.  I for one am coveting the automatic soap dispenser.

* For the geek that I am, I can be somewhat slow to enter into modern technology, however the Lutheran Geek is now over on Facebook.  While I don't necessarily like the term "fan" I'd love it if you want to come over there and show some facebook love to me.  It is another great way to follow my Random Thoughts out in blogland.

* We decided to splurge on a mini Christmas tree to add to the festive cheer despite the fact that we will be gone during Christmas.  I'm very pleased with the decision and when we put it up baby goat broke into hysterical giggles so I think he approves too!

* Mr. Goat and I really enjoyed our date night.  Christmas Fest was wonderful as always and we even went out to pie afterwards!

* Baby Goat met Santa last week so look for those pictures later this week for Wordless Wednesday.  I'm glad that he was not the least big afraid, though he was much more interested in eating his Jingle Bells than Santa himself.

* I'm looking for a good ornament to represent baby goat's first year.  I'd like something that can be personalized but I haven't found something that I love yet.  If you have kids what did you do for a first christmas ornament?


Hans said...

From Valerie:
You should get some plaster or clay or something (they do sell little kits to do this too) and make an ornament out of his handprint and/or footprint. You can write his name, the date, "Baby's first Christmas," whatever you want.

Hope that helps!

Rebecca said...

Ah, the ornament. Have you asked family to get you one? Those always seem to be the best because they are also gifts from family.

Each year I love more and more what we did for Bel's first Christmas. I took her to Target and let her pick out an ornament. She was obviously just a baby, so this seemed silly. Still, we did it. She picked this obnoxious purple glitter thing. Now, at almost five years old, she still proclaims it is her favorite ornament. In fact, as we decorated the tree today, she went for that one first, and we told her again the story about how SHE picked it out.

Amber said...

I agree, get some plaster of Paris and do a hand imprint. I still have mine - it's waiting to be put on the tree with all the other ornaments.

Melinda said...

I got my daughter a Margaret Furlong ornament. Margaret Furlong is a local (in Oregon) artist who does wonderful porcelain pieces and she has a special Baby's First Christmas ornament.

Tiffany said...

We went out and bought Emily her first ornament and I'm almost sad that we did that. We got so many baby's first Christmas ornaments that I could probably decorate a good section of the tree just to Emily and her first Christmas. Poor Jack and Cecilia, they both only have one..:(

If you don't find one you love, make one or let your family find you one.

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