Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Still Treading water but out of the rip current.

Whew.  It seems like the last week hasn't been so much living as a giant to do list of doom.  And it wasn't even all doom, but there was just enough doom, angst and "I can sleep when?" that I was more than a little crazed.

What never ceases to amaze me about those times in my life though is that while they seem endless at the time they do pass.  I realize that this may be obvious, but sometimes it seems as though I will NEVER get through something or NEVER get it all done, or NEVER sleep again.  And then you get to the other side and realize that it was foolishness. 

Life continues at a frantic holiday pace right now.  Mr. Goat has a week of choir rehearsals and concerts, baby goat continues to teethe but the sense of urgency has calmed.  My to do list still seems impossibly long but I started doing things I enjoy again: like taking time to play with baby goat rather than having to work, or even blogging again.  Even if no one ever read this place I think I'd still do it because it is so nice to be able to remove some of the thoughts from my mind and put it down.

Maybe it is being on the cusp of nearly two weeks free of work and full of family and fun but my heart is lifted today and even all the travel with a baby seems do-able today (not that I am remotely prepared to go yet.)

My to do list is waiting for me tonight - with Christmas cards at the top of a long list, but it will work.  Somehow the thought that it is all right if it doesn't get done inspires me to be more productive to get it done anyway.

10 more days until Christmas and feeling fine...


Anti-Supermom said...

It's hard to let go of some things that fit into the 'idea' of Christmas. There are things I've learned along the way that just don't fit with our family or just not worth my time in doing.

10 days, bring it on ;)

JM said...

As someone whose baby is currently teething as well, I feel your pain. Good luck with the holiday travel, the anticipation is (almost) always worse than the actual travel itself.