Monday, November 09, 2009

Who'ya gonna call?

On Spacehook today I happened to mention that I hate talking on the phone.  I don't know why exactly I've never liked it.  Something about the mystery of who will pick up, combined with the fear of sounding stupid, and probably a bit of fear of rejection too.  To this day there are few people with whom talking on the phone comes naturally - my husband, our parents, our siblings, Tiffany and a few other close friends.  Otherwise I can and will call you but I'll feel uneasy about it.

I thought this was something unique to me, given my introvertedness and propensity toward anxiety but when I commented about my dislike on facebook all sorts of people came out and said that they felt the exact same thing.  It seemed that the people who liked the phone were of a somewhat older age, and my contemporaries disliked the phone.  So I'm curious about this.  Do you like talking on the phone?  Why or Why not? 


Melinda said...

I *hate* talking on the phone. Other than my mother, I don't like talking to anyone on the phone. To me, phones are information conveying devices. If you have something you need to tell me, fine. If you want to chit-chat, well then come over and see me!

Honestly, I think it is the phone itself. I just don't like holding one up to my ear. Then my ear gets all clammy and sweaty and I get a headache. Uff da!

Kim said...

I can't stand talking on the phone. I don't even like calling and ordering pizza.

I think I fear sounding like a total idiot so the less I have to talk the better! Small talk has never been my strong suit.

Valerie said...

I don't mind calling people for information. While I prefer doing things in person, I have no problem calling and asking questions or giving answers. This is probably because I've worked so many phone-related jobs (receptionist).

That being said, I can't carry a conversation on a phone. I don't see the point. Even people I haven't seen in a long time I have trouble talking to on the phone. I think that's because if you're in person and run out of things to say you're probably already doing something else to fill the time. If you're on the phone, however, what can you do? You just sit and listen to dead air. NOT GOOD!

Monkeymama said...

I am also not a fan of talking on the phone. I worry about thinking on my feet for things like setting up appointments or talking to strangers. I think I just get bored when talking to people I know and have trouble navigating when to end the conversation, when pauses are too long, stuff like that.

Naomi said...

wow, I guess I'm the only one of your friends that actually likes talking on the phone. I like the chit chat, talking about moronic subjects or just sharing about my day. When I was dating my ex we would chat for the entire half hour it took for him to come see me or alternatively, for him to go home (this was before talking in a car became illegal). I just really, really like talking to people over the phone. But to each his own.

pjmystic said...

I feel the same way...I think that it has to do with my own reliance on intuition. As an extrovert I rely on "reading" people in order to relate to them, body language, energy, mood etc. When I talk to someone on the phone I feel like I can't read them because all I have is voice and inflection. Sort of like when I used to preach at the Drive-in Worship Service, talking to windshields threw me off of my game.
It does not surprise me that our contemporaries don't like the phone so much, we tend to prefer either face to face or the complete anonymity of email and facebook.