Saturday, November 07, 2009

Packer vs Vikings Round Two

Remember when I said that my MIL was taking pictures of baby goat with Packer gear and Vikings horns.  They were especially for this post.  Without further adieu, my MIL presents:  The Packer/Viking Game ala baby goat.

Game Time! 

I'm So excited...

I think we're winning... 


We won!

Game Over.

It is true that my beloved Packers lost (again) to the Vikings but I am taking comfort in the fact that they needed a Packer to do it. In the interest of marital unity and allowing baby goat to ultimately make his own football choices I will agree to outfit baby goat in Vikings apparel willingly if the Vikings go to the Super bowl. If not however, his horns will need to be put on surreptitiously by my MIL during babysitting!


Rebecca said...

Go Vikes!

Tiffany said...

Actually, they need 2 packers to do it. They have Farve and Longwell!

Spot On Your Pants said...

This is a conundrum for us too. I lived in WI for 5 years (total band wagon fan when they won the super bowl). Now we live here. And, in a month we're moving to Madison. So, what are we? Plackings or Vikers?