Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Loose Ends

Today has been a day feeling at loose ends.  I spent most of the day trying frantically to be able to go avoid going into work tomorrow.  I was late to pick up baby goat from daycare because of it (and traffic).   I'm worrying for a friend and for baby goat and his cold as it seems to have gotten worse (thankfully no fever, just snot and coughing).

I should be packing, or finishing a few work things that I should attend to, or cleaning, or even finding something meaningful to do.  Instead I'm blogging (with very little substance) and listening at the monitor.  I'm glad when it is quiet because it means he's sleeping, but I'm also sort of glad when he coughs or shifts because it means he's still breathing.  A bit crazy I know, but it keeps me from stopping in to see him every five minutes.

The reality is that he's got a cold, probably nothing serious.  Work stuff will work out and everyone understands it is a holiday weekend.  I will be able to take time to talk to my friend(s) over the weekend.  I will see family.  Baby goat will meet new family.  And hopefully all will work itself out.

So maybe I'm not packing or working or cleaning, but I am mentally tying off my loose ends before I unravel.  And that's time well spent after today.

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