Sunday, November 29, 2009

Baby Goat at 9 months

Baby Goat,

Thanksgiving was your 9 month birthday, and even though you've been out longer than you were in for several weeks now it still seems like a milestone of sorts.  We spent Thanksgiving visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Wisconsin and you seemed to have a wonderful time.  It was full of firsts and excitment.  It was your first time in a restaurant high chair rather than your carseat.  It was your first meeting with several of mama's aunts, uncles and cousins.  They all adored you (naturally).

It wasn't always an easy trip.  You were mostly a delight to others, but we got little sleep as you worked on 3 teeth at once.  Now that it is Sunday it seems like the top two are at least mostly through while a third is still working on it.  It always seemed worse at night, and the teeth and teh fact that it wasn't your bed lead to much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  One night mama spent the whole night coaxing you back to sleep before you finally fell deeply asleep on me.

While I sure felt the lack of sleep the next night there was something special about you snoring softly on my shoulder in the house I grew up in.  Watching the sunrise over the lake with you reminded me just how much I have to be thankful for.  Still, there is no need to repeat this special moment any time soon, got that? :)

You seem to be growing in leaps and bounds.  I am very curious to see your numbers on Tuesday as it seems like you've gained 3-4 inches in the last week.  And certainly, there is no appearance of your prematurity any more.  I had a nice (rude) old lady ask in a restaurant the other day if I fed you porkchops.  It is true you are not delicate and tiny but from where you came I can't complain.  While I never forget you in your smallness of prematurity these days it seems like you might be a completely different baby from the one we had 9 months ago. 

Moving is now your new quest in life.  You loved Grandma and Grandpa's house with their wide open living room to roll and explore to your hearts content.  There isn't crawling yet, but you seem to understand that if you could get your arms and legs to do the right motion that you could go.  I should say I suppose that moving is only part of your quest in life.  A more acurrate description could be you wish to move to and eat everything in a 20 mile radius.  If there is a crumb, cat or sock nearby you will find a way to try to eat it before we get there!

You're language and comprehension are expanding daily too.  You babble now, providing little commentaries to the world around you.  And you love to play pattycake, asking for it by clapping until we oblige you and play along.  You give slobbery open-mouth kisses when asked and can be coaxed to wave as well.  We are starting some signing stuff with you and if it doesn't kick it I'm sure it will be your parents fault for not diligently using it and not your ability to grasp it.

As I write these letters I sometimes struggle to capture your "you-ness" in words.  You are mellow yet fiesty, adaptable yet a creature of habits.  You are a joy to all who meet you.  I've had people offer to send us to dinner on their dime for the priveledge of babysitting you.  I haven't taken advantage of that but it is nice to know that you are loved so much.  I've yet to meet someone who wasn't instantly taken with you.  Even my cousin who suffers from Asperger's came out of the backroom at Thanksgiving to interact with you.

You bring so much joy into our lives and I wish there was a way to say that without sound cliche.  Really you make me smile everyday and when I am not with you I can't wait to see you again.  I hope that I can live up to being your mom as you've already shattered my expectations of what having a child means.  We love you baby goat!

Mama goat

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Soupy said...

Happy 9 months, beautiful boy! My girls (and I ) are blessed to be on the receiving end of those gorgoeus smiles!