Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Thoughts

* Why is Bejeweled so crazy addictive?

* I hate getting up in the dark.  It makes mornings even harder, and they are already nearly impossible.  Any one have tips to keep them from hitting snooze over and over in the morning?

* I really miss making music.  When I was at St. Olaf I was in up to 6 ensembles at any given time.  I still get opportunities to play in church and weddings but I miss the ensemble experience.  Since work is church and church is work I'm unable to be in the church choir and am not really talented enough for a professional group so I'm at an empasse.  I miss its grounding my life and the spiritual centering it brings me.

* Teething sucks.  If you have kids who've done it you know, if not, I can't explain it more fully.

* Still in a window of happy we got baby goat to the pumpkin patch/apple farm and he was a bit confused but enjoyed it still.  Here's a preview:

* I've been having crazy dreams lately - wonky combinations of the books I'm reading, friends and various "quests."  I don't know what they mean, if anything, but I wake up feeling like I haven't had a good night sleep even though I slept the whole night.  I wonder what has my sub consious racing around at night but I hope it figures it out soon.

* Baby goat is going to debut two Halloween costumes in the next week and a half - one for Trunk or Treat and one for Halloween itself.  They are going to be so cute, but I didn't get the third costume I was coveting (geekily I might add) so I'll show you what baby goat might have been:

* I for one think he would have made a cute Vulcan...of course, technically he's too smiley.

* I would like a house elf.  (I would of course insist on paying them like Dumbledore).

* We are at a loss about what to do with our computer.  It has been dropped too many times and it is limping a long on the path towards ultimate death.  It's backed up in anticipation of that eventuality but we need to think about a new computer or fixing this one, but I think a new computer will be cheaper in the long run even if it is more now.  And this laptop has lasted 4.5 years which is pretty good.  Any suggestions? (cheap - I mostly need it for my freelance writing, internet at home and some photo/video stuff).

* After the balloon boy hoax this week, Mr. Goat and I got to talking about reality tv.  We both agreed we'd never go on a show that shows our daily life, but I think we'd consider the real game type ones - Big Brother, Survivor and Amazing Race.  We were split about Biggest Loser.  On the one hand it would be awesome to have the trainers and opportunities to lose weight the show provides, but the whole game part of it is hard and it seems like a very personal thing to face those demons on national tv.  That is what makes it so powerful but still.  Either way, we both agreed that Richard Heene is at best a major douchebag who thinks only of himself (much like another reality TV dad who's been acting childish lately - Jon Gosselin).  What do you think blogland?  Would you ever go on a reality TV show and if so, what kind?


JM said...

Number one, if you figure out how to get a house elf please notify me - I would like to get on that list. Number two, I agree I would never go on one of the daily life reality tv shows because it seems that their characters are always doomed. That may have more to do with the type of people who agree to put there families in that situation though. If anything I agree I would go in on a "game" reality show.

Kim said...

You think Bejeweled is addicting, try Peggle. Seriously, I lose hours to that silly game.

I saw your Facebook status about making music and I understead your yearning quite well. I miss singing in a choir, on worship teams and on a stage in musical theater something fierce. So much so that I can't be at a concert or plays without welling up with tears.

I have not even started the costume search and I need to figure out two kids!

No reality shows for me, I cry to easily.

And, on the computer thing, J just bought a refurbished Mac from some dealer on the U on MN campus. It was a crazy good deal. I'll get the info from him if you'd like.

Songbird said...

I like the idea of a baby Vulcan.

Anti-Supermom said...

First off - that costume picture is hilarious. I wish you did get it for Baby Goat.

And yes, we would do the same as you in regards to a reality show.

Funny enough, I was approached to be on 'Wife Swap' and declined, I don't think I have enough drama in my life to be interesting for *that* show :)

Marketing Mama said...

too many things to say in response to this post. I think you know how I feel about bejewled.

That pumpkin pic is adorable. Scratch that - baby goat is adorable in that pumpkin pic. LOVE the sweater. :)

So glad you didn't get that geeky costume, he'd never forgive you!

The balloon boy thing PISSED ME OFF - I was in tears watching that thing land. The fact that it was a hoax and people all over the world were praying for that child? Awful.

Take care, hope the teething is getting better.

MoSup said...

I applied and made it through the first round of selection for the second season of "Looking for Love: Bachelorettes in Alaska." But then they cancelled the show. :(