Thursday, October 08, 2009

In the trenches

Wow, suddenly it is fall.  Cold, blustery, rainy, cold-incubating fall.  And the Goat household is suffering.  Life has seemed crazy this week between life, illness and sports teams it seems like we are plummeting randomly trying to find some place hang on.  Still there are some highlights too.  The Twins played a truly amazing game Tuesday night to clinch the division.  Despite our loss to the Yankees last night I'm hopeful that we'll pull through.  (Unlike the Packers, but those are wounds I'll nurse in private at this point.)

But despite being an exciting week for sports, we aren't fully prepped to take it in.  The colds have found the Goat family - starting with baby goat.  I don't think it is anything serious but it is his first cold and that has me a bit jumpy.  We stayed home from daycare yesterday to get a handle on it but we are back today.  Since it is congestion and a cough and no fever we can still send him.  I hope he's doing ok today.  When he woke up at 1am last night for a little hot shower steam time he had also started cutting his first tooth so who knows what the day will bring.  But, he was doing better this morning when I left.  I think it will be a tiring week baby-wise. 

While he's a great sleeper he's been up once in the night for the last 3 nights.  I know better than to complain since it is just once and I am able to get him back to sleep without too much fuss it is taking a toll on mommy's mental health.  The cold baby goat shared doesn't help, although it is annoying and not debilitating.  This is a week where I have to work everyday (I was going to have Friday but I had to take a partial day yesterday since baby goat stayed home).  Needless to say, I'm ready for a nap.

But still, tired, freezing and sick though I am, I am happy.  So that's something :)


JM said...

Those first colds are no fun, hope he starts feeling better and sleep can get back to normal.

Songbird said...

The first year is hard. But there will be more sleep later, I promise!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

I hope you're doing better now. I've missed reading -- life got crazy there for a while. Hope to be back more now. Enjoy the week ahead!