Tuesday, October 27, 2009

8 months old

Baby Goat,

It honestly seems like I just wrote your 7 month letter and here we are again.  In the last month you are just blossoming with skills and energy and determination to explore the world around you.  In a way your motor skills still seem a bit behind your desire to be moving.   Now holding you is an exercise in advanced baby holding as everything seems more interesting to you than the person holding you, with the possible exceptions of the random baby face pinch.

Everything is interesting and you want to grab everything and if you can grab it then you want to eat it too.  All my pictures these days consist of a drool soaked baby trying to grab a camera out of my hand, like this one yesterday trying to get a *cute* 8 month picture:

You'll also notice that you are in your exersaucer.  You see whenever I try to sit you on the couch these days your instinct is to scoot and lean until you are flat and then to try to grab a cat.  Our poor cats.  You don't know how good you have it baby goat, that they are so tolerant and loving despite your fierce pincher grip.  Tsu still sleeps at your feet every night, guarding you.  She never gets in your way but she is always there watching.  Doppler too is very patient with your attempts to eat him and still regularly comes to flop down beside you on the floor.

And OH the drool.  The bottom front two teeth have made an appearance but they are little more than nubs.  Out enough to feel but still forcing their way through your tender gums and increasing your general level of cranky.  But even in the crankiness most of the time you are easily distracted from the pain and are free with your smiles.

I can't say enough how easy it is for people to love you.  You have quite the following at church, smiling at everyone in the pews and being cute and quiet.  You make your mom and dad look very good, and it is through no action of our own, just your own natural disposition.

We can't imagine how lucky we are to have you.  You compliment us and are an awesome addition to our family, fitting in as if you've always been here.  You make us better.

Even though it is astonishing to me how far you've come in 8 months I know that we are on the cusp of much, much more.  For starting at 4 lbs 7 oz, you've grown to a seemingly gargantuan 20 lbs 8 oz a few weeks ago.  Who knows how much you'll be when you have your 9 month appointment.  Sometimes I blink and I swear you are two inches taller.

It is no wonder to me though, for you eat like a champ.  Your diet now has rice, oats, bananas, apples and pears in its repitoire.  This week veggies begin.  I wonder what you will think of that.  Likely you will do fine as you have with all the other foods you've tried.  I am proud and a bit worried that you find food as enjoyable as your father and I do, but we'll figure out food for your sake.  That's a promise.

You are sitting up now, at least mostly.  We are starting to understand that bumps are a bit normal for babies your age.  Most of the time you are fine until you over compensate and down you go.  You still don't like to roll from back to front but I think that is simply your unwillingness to spend any more time on your tummy than is necessary.

You love your drum and mini piano and that makes us excited.  I hope that you've inherited some musical skills from your father (and maybe me).  You fall asleep each night to Cantus.  It started when you were just an infant as one of their CDs really helped calm you and put you to sleep and we've stuck with it.  You are one of those babies who goes to sleep awake with a kiss and are totally asleep by the end of track one.  We can't thank you enough for that one.

When I think of a way to summarize this letter I get choked up.  I can say many facts and details of our lives together with you at this age but I assure you I cannot capture the love your father and I have for you.  I heard of a person delivering a child at 31 weeks today because of preeclampsia - two weeks earlier than you, and I remembered the stress and pain of those early weeks with me and you in the hospital, but I wouldn't trade a moment.  That pain was so minor compared to the joy your bring us, even when we were in the midst of the pain. 

You are our son.  Our boy.  Our drool monster, snuffle bug, and baby goat.   Thanks!

Mama Goat


Spot On Your Pants said...

I did the monthly letters too. It's fun to read them now. (sleep deprivation memories and all :-)

Naomi said...

this is amazing Liz. He will love reading these when he is old enough to appreciate them!

Anti-Supermom said...

Liz, what a sweet, lovely post. I remember Henry use to drool (sort-of still does) everywhere. I'd pick him up from daycare shirtless, it was too soaked for him to wear.

They really do grow up way too quickly.