Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Goat goes to the zoo

On Saturday we took advantage of the warm weather to take Baby Goat on his first trip to the zoo. Baby goat enjoyed himself and the walk but seemed perplexed by all of the kids and animals. He was fascinated with the tiger though. I think that the tiger might have preferred there not to be the glass between them however!

We also "played" in our first fountain and watched a lot of fun animals and kids run around.  The zoo was very busy but I think it will be a regular part of our baby-fun rotation, particularly next spring with farm babies and such.  I do feel bad that we didn't have time to run out to the zoo farm and introduce baby goat to a real goat!


Diane said...

I know this is totally random, but I just wanted to let you know that I liked what you said about stumbling and listening over at Songbird's blog.

Marketing Mama said...

um, that tiger pic scared the crap out of me for a second!

Love the Chicks Dig Me shirt. :)

Soupy said...

sweet! Just wait til he enjoys the Grizzley Bears- I could watch them myself for hours :)
K1 LOVES the zoo- so next summer our buddies will have to go together :)

Emilie said...