Thursday, August 27, 2009

30 for 30

Every birthday I set myself a few goals to accomplish during the next year. I set the same number as my age knowing full well that some are pipe dreams and others are small and others are things that I will struggle against daily winning and losing some. Still, I feel it centers my birthday in a spirit of perpetually improving myself and grounding myself in what is important to me - even if there is some play here as well!

So here are my 30 for 30, you can check how I did on my 29 for 29 if you'd like. It wasn't great but baby goat satisfied my biggest goal of the year so I have no complaints!

1. Pump and feed baby goat breastmilk through his first birthday at least. (I pumped for 13 months!!)

2. Go to the Metrodome and the new Target Field for a Twins game.  (Made it to the Metrodome in September 2009, and Target Field twice in August 2010.)

3. Exercise an average of 3 days a week. (I succeeded some weeks but this is mostly a fail.)

4. Complete the 30 day shred, even if it takes 90+ days in reality. (Not yet, though I've worked on the Couch to 5k more)

5. Join an ECFE class with baby goat. (Not yet)

6. Really clean the car inside and out. (Not yet)

7. Volunteer somewhere in the community. (Thanks to the bloggers I got this one done, volunteering with FMSC and at the Rummage Sale to combat childhood hunger)

8. Practice trumpet more often. (Sometimes good, sometimes bad.)

9. Learn to go to Target and only get what is on the list.  (This will be a lifelong goal I think but I'm getting better).

10. Have a TV-free week. (Hahaha - funny me.  Who am I kidding?  It helps me decompress after a crazy day.)

11. Invite friends over more often (Once every two months at least).  (Getting better but not great, we just need more SPACE)

12. Celebrate baby goat's birthday properly!  (We had a great family party)

13. Start a college fund for baby goat. (Not yet)

14. Find life insurance for Mr. Goat and myself.  (Not yet)

15. Go hear the Ole Choir sing.  (No but Mr. Goat's choir sings at Choral day this year so I think I'll here them then!)

16. Go play Bridge once a month. (We went several times but not once a month.  Baby goat is doing better with sitters now so maybe this year?)

17. Pack up baby goat's outgrown clothes regularly. (check)

18. Work on getting up without using the snooze button.  (Still working on it...)

19. Experiment with making my own baby food. (hahahaha - nope.  Domestic fail.)

20. Lose 50 lbs or be on the way. (not so much)

21. Laugh everyday. (pretty good here)

22. Finish my 50 book challenge and start next years. (2009 was a success with 54 books read).

23. Watch the best picture Oscar nominees. (nope...movies still take to much time for me right now)

h24. Go on a train ride.  (Yes we did this with baby goat in June)

25. Clean out my closet and get rid of clothes that don't fit.  (I did this in November and will probably try again in the summer).

26. Win a fantasy football league!  (I was grand champion in two of my three leagues.)

27. Get a real camera to document baby goat's cuteness. (Nope but I try to document it anyway, and great friends with awesome camera's help too!  Thanks Darcie)

28. Take baby goat to the MN zoo, the children's museum and the pool.  (Zoo, check.  Pool, check. Children's Museum, check.)

29. Have regular playdates, mom-dates, and real date-dates with Mr. Goat. (not to bad here, especially this summer and thanks to the MN Blog Pantry.)

30. Strive to be a somewhat laid back mom who is not too neurotic! (Surprisingly, most of this time I do this pretty well.)


pjmystic said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My 30 for 30 will include, send birthday cards on time :)

Good List

Kristine M Jones said...

I think this is the perfect birthday list. Way to go for shooting for realistic things this year.

sharonleelah said...

Good list. I worry about you having to come up with your 50 for 50, though!

scrubmama said...

Man, sounds like the 30 goals I *should* be making myself. You go, girl!

Rebecca said...

You play the trumpet!?

Oh, and I hate to discourage you, but #9 is technically impossible. Target sprays some kind of mist on people when they walk in the store that contains a drug making all shoppers lose self control and budget sense. It's true.

Anti-Supermom said...

Sorry, I've been *not* blogging, hope you had a fabulous birthday - you and your little goat family :)

Jamie said...

Congrats! You won the iKookie giveaway on my blog. However, you didn't include an email addy and I can't find one on your site. Please email me at stickyfeet2 at gmail dot com with your snail mail address and what tee you would like.

Ruby Leigh said...

What do you mean by "real" camera? I have several - I wouldn't mind parting with one.