Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New options needed...

Ok people, I need options for high protein, low salt, pregnancy friendly lunch options. I do have a kitchen that I can use but it is normally gross and I tend not to use it even when I have the option. though I feel better about the fridge than the rest of the place. Do you have any suggestions? I could use some new options from the peanut butter and low sodium crackers that have been making up the bulk of my lunch diet lately. Thanks in advance.


MIP said...

Hi, de-lurking in hopes of helping:) Found you through Life in the Soupbowl. I had to deal with gestational diabetes my first time around and so had to be pretty careful with my diet. It limited my lunch options as well:) There is a pretty good selection out there if you plan ahead before the grocery store (which I wasn't always good at). Some options:

-Campbell's low sodium soups. These are always good with a sandwich/grilled cheese

-Try switching from white to wheat (breads and pastas). You can eat more this way and just add the protein with chicken in your pasta or lunchmeat in your sandwich

Hope you find something that works, good luck!

Rebecca said...

What about nuts? Are they too salty?

Rebecca said...

Try this site. (I'm having problems with the link right now. Can't tell if it's the site or my computer.)

Brenda said...

Do you have a Sam's Club or Costco membership? Buy frozen chicken breasts in bulk and bake or George Foreman grill them. They have lots of cheap fresh fruits and veggies in bulk too. idk...just a suggestion.

Valerie said...

Kashi bars are a really quick snack option. Actually, I use them for a variety of things from snacks, meals when paired with fruit, and dessert when after dinner.

beautyredefined said...

Not really high protein, but LaraBars have no salt. They're kind of high in fat, since they usually only have a few ingredients, and they're nut-based, but some of the flavors are tasty and make a low calorie meal (or a supplement to a soup or something). I liked the pecan pie and cashew cookie I think. Some others are not so tasty, but it's all personal preference. I wasn't concerned with sodium during my diet, but I often turned to protein bars and things.

Soupy said...

LOTS of salads- load them up with lunch meat, hard boiled eggs (lots of protein!), lots of veggies, cheeses, etc.! They fill you up and finish with a yummy fruit.

Low sodium soups are good w/a salad that isn't as big.

Whole wheat pasta and homemade spaghetti sauce- made w/low sodium tomato sauces- which they have. I have an excellent homemade spag. sauce- you could double the recipe and freeze and portion it out for lunches.

I love white bean chicken chili. Beans aren't that bad, are they?

I make veggie quiche cups out of Egg beaters (lower in calories and cholesteral), spinich, cheese - YUM!

Check out the end of this link

for good ideas and go from there.
I had GD the first PG, as well, and it takes about a week to get in the swing of a "healthier" diet, but in the end , it's worth it


Marketing Mama said...

Liz - I'm sorry to be a downer here, but after my daughter's diagnosis of peanut and all other nuts recently, I really wish I could go back in time and STOP eating peanutbutter and walnuts all the time, plus all the granola bars I used to eat that had nuts.

I have NO food allergy history in my family, so I never thought twice about eating those things while pregnant and nursing. And I would say I ate a moderate amount, not daily and not huge amounts... but enough now that I regret it b/c Avery has what will be a dangerous lifelong food allergy and it could have likely been prevented if I avoided those foods during pg and nursing.

Again, sorry - I know you are doing your best to eat the right things and you are afraid enough of lunch meat and even plain old cheese (remembering our dinner at Bucas). But I really do wish I could go back in time and change that behavior now.

Eric, Cindy and Aidan said...

Liz, one of my favorite things from Great Wraps is the Hummus/Veggie Wrap. I don't think hummus has a lot of salt. I have made this several times myself and it's delcious.

Some pepper jack cheese (put on the wrap and melt in microwave -- 15 seconds or so)
Hummus (I like the Roasted Garlic from Trader Joe's)
(Whatever other veggie you like) It's seriously delicious.