Saturday, February 21, 2009

Here until Monday.

Well, it looks like I won't be sprung until Monday at the earliest. My BP has stabilized mostly but it isn't quite where they want it to be yet. And so since the med that I am on really needs 48 hours to kick in so they can't increase my dosage until Sunday night at the earliest. So I'm here at least until Monday morning.

It is getting...annoying. And I am still grateful for annoying and boring.

Still there is some real fear here too. I have compression things that keep me from getting a blood clot since I am stuck in bed. I am almost certainly not going to be able to attend the shower in WI next weekend. I feel horribly guilty about it even though my friends are awesome and understand. I still don't know what that plan is in the end.

There is a lot up in the air still, and when I am sprung from the hospital I'm in for a large increase in doctor's visits, BP checks, bedrest and ultrasounds from now until I deliver. The details are still a bit unknown but that is where we are headed.

I am lucky though that it is just BP so far and all of my other tests are not showing signs of preclampsia. I hope the meds will change it, but ultimately this is something that only delivery will help in any significant way. I just want to find the right balance between what is a good time for Zy and for my body. My doc is on top of it though and even came in to check on me today when she wasn't even on call.

So I'll just sit here swelled up and a waiting. Zy continues to look good and punch me in the sides. We have another ultrasound tomorrow to check his weight but he seems to be doing well. So keep us in your prayers but things are still in limbo. We are taking things one day at a time.


Tiffany said...

We love you and you are in our prayers. And you will still have a baby shower! It just might be a Welcome Baby Shower instead! But either way, we will celebrate the newest addition! Try and rest and let things unfold as they will. The important thing here is a happy and healthy mom and baby!

Rebecca said...

Ug. Come ON meds! Work! Work!

Sorry you have to deal with all this. I am glad that it's simply boring and annoying in the hospital. I hope it stays boring for a while.

Jana, Dan & Sadie said...

We are keeping you all in our prayers!!

Denise said...

Our thought and prayers are with you from NY!

Barbara said...

Liz, telling me not to worry is like telling the sun not to rise. Friend's prerogative! I'm keeping you and little Zy in my prayers, and hoping those meds kick in soon! (I know what it's like to have to wait for that. It's SO frustrating!) In any case, I'm glad things are boring right now. Hope they stay boring until your due date, honey. Love ya!