Saturday, January 17, 2009

4 things keeping me sane

Life has just seemed crazy for me lately. I don't know if it is the naturally busy weeks that I have after Christmas, or if it an increase in hormones and pregnancy related dragging, or simply the freezing temps this week but I've felt an inch away from cracking all week long.

But just as I'm about to lose it entirely there have been things to catch me and pull me up and back from the abyss.

1. Friends! - I was lucky enough to get out with some friends twice this week. I saw some Seminary friends on Thursday night since some people were in town for the Luther Sem conference this week. It was nice to talk to people who understand the joys (and frustrations) of ministry and I felt better about things afterwards - if only for a chance to vent and hear their venting as well. Last night I saw some of the MN Ladies to toast Emilie's birthday. We were at the same Buca that Emilie celebrated her 40th birthday at last year and it seemed fitting to honor her with friends and fellowship! A good laugh and a solomn moment were just what I needed.

2. Desserts! - At my Dr on Friday I learned that not only was my did I pass my glucose test but I did it with flying colors! And since I saw friends this week it meant tasty desserts - mostly in chocolate cake form. There is something calming about chocolate!

3. Naps! - Today I gave in and took a nap instead of worrying about my huge to do list. I slept at least and hour and a half and rested for another hour and it brought me back to a calm mental state. This isn't always an option but I'm glad I gave in and did it today even if I haven't accomplished much today. It was worth it!

4. Mr. Goat! - Love him and he is so willing to put up with me and my moods. He has been so generous as we've figured out the one car thing this week and I just love him. I got to spend some time car shopping with him on Friday and some time just vegging today and whenever i get to spend simple hours talking to my husband my mood improves dramatically. And that blessing! I'm so lucky!

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Heidi Jo said...

Liz - glad you are doing better! I understand the "feeling like you are going to crack" thing. Ugh. Hang in there, and I will see you next weekend!