Saturday, November 22, 2008

Old vs New

Mr. Goat and I are just starting the search for all the baby gear needed for a kid these days. I'm sure we'll be polling you experts out there often in the coming weeks to help figure out the best things but first and foremost we have one important question....What can you get used and what should you really try to get new? Obviously clothes are easily reused for kids but what about cribs, strollers, car seats etc. Any advice on what can be good for used items and where to look for them would be great. We are trying to face the reality that we are going to have to live frugally for a while - particularly until Mr. Goat finds a job so I want to start getting a sense of what we really need. But I also don't want to cut corners in a way that is a risk or irresponsible either.

P.S. We did get the Baby Bargains book - thanks for the earlier tip.

P.P.S. We hope you all will appreciate your Macaroni picture Christmas gifts this year :)


Elizabeth said...

95% of things for kids can be bought used. IMHO, a car seat is one thing to spring for and buy new. Many of the things they use for such a short period of time, that the used items out there are in great shape. Keep your eye out for kids' consignment sales and, my favorite, craigslist.

Jana said...

One thing I discovered recently is "Just Between Friends." They are sales that occur a couple of times a year and people can bring their things to sell--it is basically one big garage sale devoted to baby and children's merchandise. First time moms get the first opportunity to shop and get the good stuff. They have everything from clothes to strollers to pack n' plays, etc. Check out the website-- Another recommendation I have is to register before Christmas. Although it might seem early, some friends & family may want to buy you baby things for Christmas and that always helps!

Kim said...

Absolutely you should buy your carseat new. They should be replaced after even a minor accident, and with used, you never really know.

Anything else, just make sure to check if it had any recalls.

And if you have a boy, I'm sitting on at least 6 bins of outgrown clothes. Just thought I'd point that out.

Marketing Mama said...

Crib Mattress and Car seat should both be brand new. There are studies that say the risk of SIDS is higher if you used a used mattress, even within your own family... so I wouldn't risk that one.

The car seat for the reasons others have mentioned.

All the other stuff, like high chairs, bouncy seats, swings, miracle blankets, etc., can totally be used. It's amazing how good of shape you can find baby things, even clothes.

Do you have any Once Upon A Child stores near you?

By the way, we are selling our Natures Touch Baby Papasan Swing for $60. It's in very good condition and looks just like all the other used ones on Craigslist. You can have 1st dibs if you are interested, I haven't listed it yet. Let me know in the next couple of weeks if you are.

(this isn't ours, just a sample)

Marketing Mama said...

You should also check out

Eric, Cindy and Aidan said...

We got our pack and play used from craigslist, as well as our crib (never used ... the people's two sons wouldn't sleep in it); clothes from friends; toys from friends. Got the dresser and changing table from a neighbor's yard sale.

There are many things we registered for and NEVER used. The wipe warmer? Nice concept, but continually dried out the wipes, so we stopped using it. Never used the microwave bottle sterilizer (preferred boiling water on the stove).

One thing I suggest (that we didn't do) is not to go overboard buying bottles. Just buy a few. We went through a few different kinds (mostly the nipples) before we found something Aidan was comfortable with. Bottles are expensive and if you find out that the baby doesn't like that kind, you're kinda hosed.

Definitely buy the car seat new.

kristine said...

I feel bad that I don't have anything new to add to this. I can second the info about the crib and car seat. Oh and what Cindy said about the bottles. We did that the first time around. I was all set up to use the Avent bottles when Graycen just wouldn't take it. We tried like 4 different bottles before we found one she would take.
Oh and the JBF sales... FANTASTIC! I just discovered them this year and man, oh man, did I save a ton of money and I got LOTS of cute stuff. It was mostly garage sale prices, too. But watch out, it gets extremely hot, humid and packed with people.