Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So, if you've been pregnant...

Any tips? My clothes are starting to get tight and I'm thinking I need to at least explore some options before I wake up one day without anything that fits. But now that I've gotten to the second trimester I realize that most of my early research has been more about nutrition and exercise and how to tell work and such. But apparently there is going to be a baby at the end of this road and it suddenly seems like there is a lot to do. Not only in terms of figuring out the rest of the pregnancy and the clothes and such but also figuring out how to prepare for the baby and all the stuff and everything. Obviously I'm not going to take care of everything at once but I'm three months in, so I thought I'd poll all of you smart pregnant and parent types out there and see what you all would recommend as this process moves on. Anything you think would have helped you or did help you would be great. Thanks in advance!


Monkeymama said...

Buy good bras in the correct size if it seems like they are needed! With my 1st pregnancy I waited too long to go up a size because I didn't realize that much had changed. But, what a difference it made! :)

Enjoy the ride - don't worry too much about when the baby arrives, but enjoy this time where you are growing and nurturing a new life. During meetings you can think things like, "I'm doing my work AND growing a new life - talk about multitasking!"

Sleep as much as you can. :) Pretend that you are banking it up for later. That doesn't work, but some days I daydream about the days where I could sleep without the threat of someone waking me up.

I'm so happy for you! :)

liz said...

Buy some maternity clothes NOW because there really does come a day where suddenly nothing fits. It is very alarming! :)

Get the book "Baby Bargains." It is a great resource to help you figure out what baby gear is necessary, what you can do without, where you can save money, and what the safest/best brands are. It's really invaluable.

Don't worry too much about buying lots of gear right now - the stores will still be open when the baby comes. (I could take this advice myself...)

On the flip side, though, I have heard that it's wise to read up on basic baby care now while you still have the time/energy. We've read Dr. Sears' book (something like "Your Baby Birth to Age 2") and are halfway through "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child." I'm really glad we are doing that so we won't feel panicked later.

Also, you might want to start thinking about childbirth and reading about that - I haven't been through it yet, of course, but I believe strongly that being prepared and knowing how the process works will eliminate a lot of fear (and therefore, pain) during the actual process. I love Ina May Gaskin and Penny Simkin's books.

You might want to make a list of topics you're interested in so you know how much research you have left to do. We’re trying to be pretty zen and relaxed about this, and for me that means knowing what’s ahead so I don’t have to panic at the last minute. So, we have a list we’re working on, and it helps me feel organized and relaxed. Some of the stuff we’re researching: breastfeeding, labor/delivery/doulas, cloth diapers, vaccine info, sleep training, infant CPR.

E-mail me if you have more questions. I can't say I'm an expert yet :) but we've done a ton of research!

Katie Rosenthal-Mayer said...

ok...for jeans... grab a 'goody' hair band and loop it through your pants button hole and loop it through itself so it's secure. then the end that's sticking out, put it around the button. that should get you a little more time with your jeans. you may want to wear a longer shirt so it's not visable. try that!!! love you!!!

Kim said...

I totally used the hair band trick at the beginning of my pregnancies while maternity pants still fell off, but regular clothes didn't fit.

Ahuva Batya said...

Nothing makes life nicer at this point than clothes that are comfortable. Seriously- it will make you feel so much better. Throw pride to the wind and invest in a couple pairs of comfy mat pants (Old Navy has good inexpensive stuff). I found also that signing up for the parenting and birthing classes at the hospital early made me feel like I had a plan, even if you won't take them for a few more months. At least you'll have it on the calendar. I'm so excited for you! Oh yeah- and ditto the sleeping. Probably the last time in our lives we can really indulge ourselves.

Tiffany said...

Enjoy your spouse! Enjoy going to a movie on the spur of the moment or taking a night out. It will be a long time before you can go to a midweek movie with your spouse without pre-planning it.

As for labor, know your options but go into labor with an open mind. Some women have no problem and it quick and relatively painless...for some women not so much. When I went into labor the first time, I knew what my options were and I played it by ear, I reminded myself that I was human and if and when I needed pain relief, I would take it.

Try not to beat yourself up too much as to what is the "right" thing to do. This is true for pregnancy as well as when you have the baby. We all do the best we can. We all have our good days and our bad days and everything in between. In any given days, I have moments I know I am being a great mom and moments I know I didn't do so hot. The key is to just know that you are doing the best you can do....just as our parents did. They made some mistakes along the way and we turned out alright..this will be true of you and Chris too.

And the best advice I can give you is to savor every minute. Don't wish for tomorrow. There will always be a next stage and sadly many times when the next stage arrives, the last stage is gone. I know this sounds like an easy thing to do but with Emily I was so worried about getting her to the next milestone...now I enjoy it because they are really "ours" for such a short time, before you know it, your little one will be starting 2nd grade and you will be wondering where the last 7 years went. Savor your pregnancy. It will be the last time it will be "just the two of you." The next time you are pregnant, it will be so much different than right now, joyous and wonderful, yes, but different. Make memories, take pictures and savor it.

And last but not least, talk to your "mommy" friends. They have been through this and are more than happy to answer any questions or just hang out for some girl time.

You will be a great mom and that bambino growing in your tummy is so lucky because it gets to be born to you and Chris...although as soon as it is born, you will realize that you are the lucky ones.

Emilie said...

Good advice above, and I agree with Liz - get "Baby Bargains." I would give you my copy, but it's been released in a later edition since then, one that also includes toddler-age stuff, so it'll be all the more helpful!

A little down the road, you'll probably want to do some thinking and planning about the birth itself. Like your wedding, it's "just a day," but it's a day you're going to remember forever. You want to go in there feeling empowered about your choices, not overwhelmed by what they throw at you. I have a couple of book suggestions if you want them. (In fact, I have the Penny Simkin book Liz mentioned, if you want it.)

One thing I'd suggest is to research a few issues that tend to be tough choices so they don't rear their heads at the last minute — circumcision, vaccination, etc. It may be more than you feel like doing right now, so I just mention it for down the road, when you're ready to face that.

For now, I think you ought to just get some comfy clothes and enjoy being pregnant for a while! As Tiffany said, spend a lot of time with Chris and do things together that you know will be limited once you have a baby. Get out and do spontaneous things! I miss that so much. And of course, start obsessing over strollers. ;-)

We're very excited for you!

Roxy said...

comfort. get new bras and new pants. My most comfy winter pants were from Sears.

kristine said...

Totally in agreeance about the bras and clothes. You don't realize how uncomfortable you were until you are truly comfortable (as much as possible, of course!)