Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well, VBS is over and I took yesterday and today off to take some time for myself. I looked forward to going back to the gym and getting some serious cleaning done and maybe read a book by the pool. Instead I came down with a cold on Sunday and am just emerging from a general crappy, fever, unable to do anything sickness. Granted it is quick moving and realistically I would rather get sick when I don't have any necessary plans but I was definately bummed to get sick when I had "for me" plans and not work plans.

I was already feeling derailed on food and exercise because of VBS and now it just seems that much further away from a reality for me. I need to get in the habit of the gym again and not just have it be a once a week thing like it has been lately. I just need to figure out how to work on my and still be productive in the other areas of my life too. Hopefully, I will be heading to the gym tomorrow to put the self improvement train by on track. *I think I can...?*

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