Friday, June 22, 2007

It's done and I'm alive!

I have lots of stories from the week but I think I'll keep most of them til tomorrow after I've had a chance to sleep off some of the week. BUT, just to check in: I am alive, VBS when well overall, all kids accounted for and the church is cleaned up.

I'm amazed that what took me roughly 6 months of planning and one week of creation took only 2 1/2 hours to tear down and clean up. There are still some misc. items hiding in my office but for the most part it is all down and put away for tomorrow's funeral and wedding (Seperate events, same day).

I'll share stories soon, but thank you for all your good thoughts and prayers. It has been quite a week with some interesting events but all in all, it was the smoothest of the three I've done here so far. YAY!

Monday, June 18, 2007

BEFORE: (Mostly)


There is of course lots more too. Things seem to have gone well today. No major problems and even the T-shirts and registrations got taken care of after some interesting hiccups early this morning. Hopefully the rest of the week will go as smoothly. We do have to do some major moving on Wednesday for a funeral in the afternoon. It will make things difficult but not impossible.

This year's VBS is SonForce Kids and we have a lovely spy/space theme going on throughout the church. And best of all the kids all seemed to have fun today. I have a few leaders who didn't show up for unknown reasons but mostly everyone was here on time and on top of things. So far so good.

I'm even starting the process of cleaning some of the random piles in my office. It is amazing how things just grow when you are too busy to deal with it. I may not finish today but already my office looks much more in order. I think I'll even find time to go to the grocery store tonight which we've needed for about a week and hasn't happened yet.

All in all, a good day one!

Here we go!

The stage is set (pictures this afternoon). The kids are coming and hopefully so are the volunteers. I've done nearly all I can. Now it is out of my hands. I hope and pray that our problems this week are small ones.

Dear God, protect us all this week - from storms and illnesses and catastrophes. Help VBS to be a joy to the kids and help them to learn about you. And thanks for getting me this far already! AMEN

I'll keep you all updated on the progress. The chaos starts in an hour and a half.


Friday, June 15, 2007


I have been meaning to update my blog for quite sometime but life has been getting in the way. VBS starts Monday and quite frankly, I'm exhausted. So exhausted and tired of dealing with all the small annoying details of this week long event that I'm tempted to bitch and moan and generally express to you the hell of preparing Vacation Bible School - and no, the irony of that statement is not lost on me.

I'm tempted to go into the annoying details, the tempermental volunteers and parents. The volunteer who only wants specific helpers or the parent who doesn't want their child in that child's class. The volunteers who promise to help and call from their cabin saying they forgot to tell me they were going out of town instead.

But there are positives too. People who work hard and are willing to be here at the drop of a hat to help. People who go over and above to prepare their own part and then still say "How can I help?" Or my SIL who is dropping an active summer of being 16 to come sleep on our couch for a week just to help with VBS. There are plenty of positives to be found when I stop to look. But when I look through my tiredness I see loose ends and demanding people and very little excitement about next week.

Which shouldn't be. I love VBS week. It is exciting and the kids have a fantastic time. It is stressful yes, but it isn't a burden once it arrives. But, the week before has me tearing my hair out. Last night I hardly slept, waking up every 30 minutes or so with panic about something that still needed to be done. My meals are hurried and typically bad-for-me and occur about every 12 hours right now. It isn't a healthy week. I long to be able to slow down and see the big picture clearly and work systematically to that goal, but my head doesn't work that way. It sees a big mass of things left undone and it panics, and I panic too.

But today I'm trying to refocus for the last weekend push. I'm grateful to have some of the challenges I do. I'm grateful for my loving husband who understood that I had to lead a training session last night on our anniversary. I'm grateful for his efforts to make yesterday a special day for me, even if we didn't see each other till 9 that night. I'm grateful for having 4 wonderful years with this man and look forward to many many more. I'm grateful for my friends who write me notes and promise to go to lunch with me when life calms down some. I really am lucky.

VBS is coming and it is leading me temporaily to madness but I know that I'm am really blessed. I know plenty of people who have much to grieve about. I know those who are suffering from loses and the anniversaries of them. I know the grandmother of the MN sextuplets who now has lost 2 of the 6. Yes, this week is hell, but it will pass, and what will remain is the people who love and care about me.

So pray for me and VBS if you have a spare prayer. It is a crazy weekend before me and a long next week, but really when I look at the big picture I know that it will all be fine.