Thursday, August 30, 2007

28 for 28

I'm not getting this out as soon as I'd hoped. I've been working on it for my birthday and wanted to get it out then, but life made things interesting this week. It is one of those weeks that makes you reflect on your life and everything any, so I'm still going to post this. Maybe posting this publicly will make some of these goals more tangible for me. There are some easy ones and some hard ones here and we'll see what gets done. There is one unlisted goal here though - not feel guilty if I don't complete this list. Guilt is something that comes to easy to me anyway, so this is a guilt-free goal list for my 28th year.

1. Finish the scrapbook album I'm working on. (didn't quite manage this one)

2. Not use purell for one whole week (this is tougher than it sounds for me). (didn't quite manage this one either)

3. Where makeup to work 50% of the time (as opposed to the almost zero now). (I did manage to increase it but it didn't get that high)

4. Don't go to bed without doing the dishes. (again progress but not 100%)

5. Clean the oven. (It really needs it!) (check - although it needs it again and I avoided the heavy chemicals it really needs)

6. Go apple picking. (sort of? We made it to the orchard but the apples were mostly plucked already)

7. Get up by 8:00am most days. (I HATE getting up. I don't hate mornings so much but getting up is SO hard for me to do, especially when I set my own hours). (HAHAHAHA)

8. Recommit to gym attendence. (A possible goal: Run a mile! Ugh. I've never really done that ever so it seems like a good thing to try to do.) (Yes! and then a bit of No, but then a Yes! again)

9. Take my lunch to work for a whole week. (Nope, not this one)

10. Order pizza only once per month. (I didn't keep track although I tried to reduce it)

11. Lose weight - maybe 5 lbs per month? (nothing significant or lasting, baah)

12. Reduce caffiene consumption. (Maybe even to be able to give it up entirely during Lent?) (Yay! A success! I'm down to a diet coke every couple of days now!)

13. Watch TV only when there is something I am interested in on. (Thanks to TIVO and a busy schedule this is improved)

14. Win league in Fantasy Football (or at least have a decent showing). (I didn't do so hot in last year's league but I have two attempts started for this year.)

15. Learn to cook (and eat) chicken without paranoia (its a long story but let's leave it at I'm crazy). (Tiffany made me cook some on vacation in December and I have been eating it much better lately so I'm counting this a success)

16. Have a date with my husband once a week, even if it is just at home. (Made it most weeks even if it was informal)

17. Take a community ed course. - possibly guitar lessons? (Never got around too it, hopefully this year?)

18. Keep my new car clean. (Another sometime victory...right now it needs cleaning though)

19. Get my golf clubs and go golfing. (I did this - much to the amusement of everyone on the course)

20. Make my husband (and me!) soft pretzels from scratch. (Not yet)

21. Eat breakfast most days of the week (this may kill me). (Improving)

22. Stay in better contact with friends and family. (Also Improving)

23. Visit a state/country I've never been to. (I went to Argentina - so yup!)

24. Throw a dinner party just because. (nope, Adult social FAIL! LOL)

25. Support, love and have patience with my husband through his final year of law school and the bar exam. (I suppose I should ask Mr. Goat but I think I did well!)

26. Take more pictures and organize them in some way. (More pictures - check, organization? - not so much)

27. Go on a train ride with my husband. (The zoo train in Milwaukee will have to count although I hope to go on the fall trip this year)

28. Create an easy and organized way to keep track of paperwork. (I may need help figuring this out!) (Sort of but I got lax again)


Emilie said...

You should put this on your Random Stuff list and check things off as you accomplish them, so we all can see! ;)

Kristine said...

FUn!!! I love the lists!! Good for you for setting healthy, realistic goals.