Monday, February 26, 2007

A little perspective.

Thank you to all of you for your kind words and offers to act as kid-experience references. I know that it was a hateful and really inaccurate comment but it was the fact that it was so directly pointed at me that left me hurt and confused. But thanks to you guys and my wonderful hubby and an uplifting weekend I'm not back to a rosier view of things.

It was a busy weekend. Working Friday, Saturday and Sunday for extended periods of time. Saturday I was lucky to teach our 2nd Grade Lord's Prayer class, and thanks to the hard work of the parents and SS teachers they all had it memorized beforehand. I was so impressed and I could tell they were proud of knowing it. And they had some profound answers to my questions about prayer, and they were quite delighted when I confessed that I am and have always been a horrific speller.

Saturday afternoon was spent safe inside watching the snow pile up. We had food and plenty of fun stuff on Tivo and it was a great time to sit and reconnect to the dear husband who I hardly seem to see. I'm always so thrilled to be reminded that when we have time to be together, we connect as we always have. The connection, the love, and the joy in being married to him has not faded and that is a blessed thing.

Sunday was practically a snow day at church, with just a handful of people making it out into the snow storm to make it to church. We had about 30 kids rather than the normal 80+ and were short quite a few teachers so we punted and watched Veggie Tales and had some social time together. It was nice to have a day to not be caught up in the details but be thankful that we were all safe from the snow and wind and together in grace.

Later that afternoon, after the roads had been more suffiently cleared, we had our Family Water Park event at a local indoor water park. It was nice to see all the snow outside and yet be warm and toasty and floating down a lazy river. I even had the guts to try their bodyboarding ride thing. And too my surprise I was pretty good at it. At least good enough to go several more times. I even got onto my knees on my last attempt, though I had many spectacular wipeouts to my name as well. Surprisingly fun although i am glad that their are no pictures to document it!

Today is a day off, and it has been spent nicely. I went to the dentist and now have clean smooth teeth and no new cavaties to report. I had a long lunch with a book and a chocolate mint shake which has left me in a tranquil and relaxed mood. I know that there are lists waiting for me tomorrow but right now I'm not going to concern myself with them. Tonight I have bell choir but after a relaxing day that doesn't seem like a chore.

Also, last weeks random act of hatred has gotten me thinking about dreams and calls and plans for the future again. I'm still ruminating but expect a post from me sometime along the way as I try to work out what's next after Chris finishes school. It is all a little scary to consider at this point, but also there is some excitement there as well. We'll just have to see how that develops.

Love to you all out there in blog land. I hope you find a bit of perspective today. I know a good weekend helped me tremendously.

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