Friday, February 02, 2007

Hitting the Wall

Yup, that's the wall. (Caution: Bitching ahead.)

Ok, so I'm really sick of most things at the moment. I've been working like a madwoman this week (I'm in the office and it is supposed to be my day off, and tomorrow will be spent running church related errands.) Last weekend I was on a council retreat where we talked about all our hopes and visions for our church and how we want to get more people involved. This week...guess who is two teachers short for my SS rotation which starts on Sunday? Oh heck yeah, its me. Despite weeks of calling, emailing, calling, emailing and calling some more. I'm getting really really sick of the perpetual begging to get people involved with their kids Sunday School. I'm sick of that damn brick wall that seems to keep me from getting any meaningful work done because I'm always on the frickin' phone calling for more volunteers.

Sunday is also Camp Sunday which involves the signing up for various summer activities. I know that I'll be short staffed once summer comes again too. It is a perpetual cycle of hell and phone calling. Meanwhile, the good ol' rev, the senior pastor wants me to start doing parent groups and leading adult ed opporunities to create more of a relationship with the parents. I would LOVE to be able to do this (ok, maybe LOVE is a bit strong) but seriously it would be great to do, if it weren't for the fact that I'm already working on days off and all the time to get everything done as it is. If I had people say yes sooner or more often it might be different. Grrr. Don't you get it people. These are YOUR kids. YOU got them baptized. YOU think it is important to bring them to Sunday School. But will YOU help out. Heck no, being on the damn Hockey booster club is more important. Or even going out for brunch. Or whatever the heck it is you do when you drop your kids off on Sunday morning.

(Please keep in mind this is general bitching and I really do like most of the parents I work with and see, but like I said...I've hit a wall today).

It feels like I am talking to that damn wall all the time. Not that it responds to me either but it is more reponsive that the people I'm calling. Listen, i get busy. I do. I get tired and stressed and wanting time away from your kids. I'm not asking for much. 4 hours over one month? Then loads of time off. Not that hard. Sigh.

In the meantime, I work and then I go home and watch Chris do homework. I really want a life but my schedule has been so weird I don't know if I can sign up for anything much. Nor do I know where the money will come from. We're going to go furniture shopping this weekend because one of our chairs finally died and the other chair and couch aren't far behind. I don't know if we'll find anything though.

My friends are all busy whether they live in town or not and I'm feeling kind of lonely. (Blogging to a brick wall?) I would love to be able to see more folks but they have their own lives, husbands, friends, babies, etc. Sometimes it sucks to be an adult. (P.S. I don't really hate my life but I am frustrated today.) Don't you wish you could go to school and the hardest part about your day would be getting to the swing first at recess, or multiplication tables or whether or not there was a snow day. Where you got to see your friends and have sleep overs and go to the movies and not worry about money, time, or Sunday School teachers.

Blech. Damn that wall.

Anyone want to teach Sunday School?


Emilie said...


What you're doing is important. Go back and read your jelly bean post. :)

1-4 Grace said...

Okay, so I had an asthma attackwhile reading this post. It made me laugh and cry.
I am so with you sister!!!
I started doing the rotation unit with our kids and can't get enough volunteers either. I was told that i was not asking the right way...(i.e poor recruiting skills) It seems I am suppossed to build folks up, tell them how gifted the yare and they will sign up to help.
Bull shit to that, but I still cant get them to sign up.
And to top it off, the session memeber that told me I had this problem then tells me one saturday evenign that she proably won't be there to help me because it was going to be a rainy Sunday and she would proably jsut sleep in that day. Oh, session is the our denomination lingo for control freak
ANd yes, she is one of the ones who complains about our numbers in Sunday School and what I should do t oget folks here.
Yup...brick wall, dead ahead. I am just relieved to know someone else has this problem and it is not jsut me running aganist that wall.
Give me unskilled volunteers willign to try, forget wheter or not their gifted....I jsut need bodies to help me keep the kids together and on task.
We ahve great curriuclum and great music, but no peopel to control the kids. Choir directors wife eve ncame by one Sunday and saw me working alone. (a few folks stood me up)and she said, "You need soem help!" Frickin' genius I tell ya!
So, yes, my freidn. I hear your cry and yes. I would lvoe to come help you with Sunday School, jsut got to find somebody to hlep with mine. Maybe we coudl alternate Sudnays and team up?
Oh, how dod you convince your church leaders to bring their family to Sunday school and not go away every weekend or play ball or take a "sunday off.?"

1-4 Grace said...

Oh, by the way. we did choose a VBS. We are doing the Great Bible Reef. It will be complete with our own life sized "aquarium."
The kids canm get in and have picture made.
There is soem good stuff at Oriental Tradign that wil help with cheap decor. You may find some stuff that will fit your plunge theme also. ;)