Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ash Wednesday Random Thoughts

* The trendy of shaggy guy hair makes putting crosses on difficult, especially when they don't lift their hair away from their foreheads.

* Coordinate with your ash crossing partner in advance so that you say the same variation, otherwise you will overhear him in the middle and lose your train of thought and mumble through one or two until you get your groove back.

* Many people could stand to wash their faces more often.

* It can be hard to commune with an ash covered finger, especially if it is your dominant hand. Aka...little communion cups and my left hand are not a great combination...but I manage to drink without spilling I'm sure I just looked ridiculous doing it.

* I'm apparently more addicted to computer games than I thought. At the computer today my brain is saying things like..."come on, one game won't take too much time." Is it Easter yet? LOL. I'm determined to make it though.

* Cleaning for 15 minutes is a good thing to take on, but it more productive if you don't leave it til 11:30 at night.


LutheranChik said...

I'm one of those banged people...sorry! LOL

Mitigating factor: The middle-aged-broad moisturizer I slather on my face every day probably makes the ashes go on much easier.;-)

David said...

"Many people could stand to wash their faces more often."

We are washing feet during Holy Week. I wonder what surprises that will bring?

Emilie said...

I'll tell you what bugs me ... I like my cross to look like a cross! I hate it when I get home and look in the mirror and look like I have a shapeless amoeba of a smudge on my face. I want two distinct crossbars! ;-)