Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Would you try?

So I just found out that American Idol is coming to Minneapolis this year for try outs. Apparently they will be doing auditions on Sept 8 at the Target Center! So would any of you try out? I know some of you aren't in the cities, but whether you are or not, would you ever sit in line and submit to the judging?

I know that I won't try out. I would almost certainly end up on one of the "bad" clips. I can sing marginally but I know that I can't sing at the level it would take to move on. I'm half tempted to encourage Chris to try but I doubt he would. I would be willing to sit in line and support someone who wanted to try, if anyone wants to go though!

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Anonymous said...

Well I would try out except I don't like the show, and because im only 15 i have school and sports and other things ahead of me rather than that kind of life. If i were older and less busy there would be a possibility.