Thursday, July 20, 2006

Which convention to root for?

Minneapolis/St. Paul is still in the running for BOTH National Conventions for 2008 and I'm definately torn. I want one of them to come here but I can't decide which one. On the one hand, I'd like to see the democrats come to town and rally the state. I'd like to see a strong candidate excite the world and sweep away the Bush-tatorship.

On the other hand, if the republicans come to town I'd be able to go protest all their crap. Which is very tempting in its own right. Of course they are probably going to be arresting people for looking liberal so maybe I should go and get arrested, but it is an amendment right so why not. It isn't like I would be ashamed of being arrested on some sham charge that goes against my constitutional rights. And I won't be assaulting anyone afterall.

So who do I root for? Who knows but I definately hope that one of them chooses us. Bring on 2008 - It can't get here fast enough.

On a side note: Does anyone know where I can get one of these?


Lutheran Zephyr said...

The Republicans came to Philadelphia in 2000, and it was great for the city's economy. And guess what? The city, region and state still voted for Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2004. Their politics didn't linger for too long after they left (thank goodness) . . .

liz said...

Re: the bumper sticker, check out this link:

(Appropriate website for you, no?) :)

If the Democratic convention is in MSP, I will have to come! The NM governor (Bill Richardson) is evidently a strong contender for the presidency - it's kind of exciting around here. My desire to protest probably isn't strong enough to make me buy a plane ticket, though... ;)

Emilie said...

My vote is for the Democratic convention! Protests might rally some Democrats, but a positive face on the party could really rally the state.

I was going to suggest the address on the bumper sticker, too. I love those stickers! I saw a few of them in the last election and thought they were the best. I have kind of a no-bumper-sticker policy for my car (except for my college sticker on the rear window), but I'm tempted to get one of those anyway ... :)

Emilie said...

OK, Steve just came and looked over my shoulder, and his assessment of the bumper sticker was: "That's kind of nasty." (Uh ... exactly, dear! Of course, I like to think of him as a recovering Republican, even though he doesn't think the Democratic Party is much better.)

This is one reason we don't put political paraphernalia on our cars (or on our lawn). :)