Friday, July 14, 2006

Telemarketers gone wild!

I am home from work today (Hooray for day's off) before I head up for another weekend of camp. Being home always has its benefits: the laundry is getting done, the kitchen is getting a good clean, books get read, etc. The one problem about staying home during the day are TELEMARKETERS!

I should learn to screen my calls I suppose, but since we don't get many people who call anyway always think I should answer. I always try to be polite but firm but it really can get out of hand.

Just this morning I received a call from a fellow who said his name was Eric, although it was hard to tell through the thick indian accent. I'm sure the call was routed from India and no doubt this fellow has a much different name, however, we must try to americanize our telemarketers to make it seem like we value the consumer, right? ugh. So Eric says to me, "I see that you are paying an average of 6% on your morgage, we at _________ can reduce that...."

These are my favorite types of calls because your really know that they have no clue and got your name from some random list somewhere. If they had any clue they would know that we live in an apartment and consequently don't have a morgage! So I hardly can lower my morgage payments. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have a morgage because it means I'd have a house, but really don't tell me what my average % is if I don't even have it!

So I interrupt Eric and thank him but say we don't have a morgage and he'd be better off calling the next person on his list. He was nice and polite and got off the phone, but I feel bad for the next sap who gets called. Who really buys stuff from a telemarketer anyway!

Oh well, back to the dishes. :)


Anonymous said...

That's so funny Liz! I got a similar call once. They wanted to lower our mortgage rate. We got an extremely good rate from a first-time homeowner's program. Anyways, she said, "We'll lower your rate. What is your rate now?" So I tell her, "4.75%" Then she goes, "That's a good rate, have a nice day." I laughed sooooo hard. Love ya. Tiffany

David said...

Visit the National Do Not Call Registry and register your phne number. We haven't had problems with telemarketers for a long time since registering.