Monday, July 24, 2006

The fight for the Series.


Tonight begins a crucial series for the MN Twins. We are starting a 3 game series with the White Sox and conviently we are three games behind them in the wild card race. We are in Chicago so it will be a hard fought road series. Respect for my Father-in-law (a born and bred Sox fan) keeps me from any major smack talk, but if you want to see some good baseball played tune in the next three days (Mon and Tues Night, Wed afternoon). Go TWINS!
UPDATE: Game 1 - Twins win! 7 to 4
UPDATE 2: Game 2 - Twins win! 4 to 3


barbara said...

Ooooh, the evil, evil, WHITE SOX. Truly a war between the forces of light and dark. You can bet I will be watching!

Lutheran Zephyr said...

Ah, meaningful baseball games. What are they? Here in Philadelphia we only play meaningless games . . . (but perhaps I'll tune in to your games on my XM Satellite Radio . . . )

LutherLiz said...

Believe me I understand. I'm also cursed to be a Cubs fan :)

David said...

Well, speaking as a life long Detroit Tigers fan, I am sure glad to see the Twins and Sox fighting it out. Tigers will bring the best record in MLB to town this weekend...I hope you can go to a game. It should be fun.