Friday, June 30, 2006

Summer Paradox

Now that VBS is over it really does feel like summer to me. And the fact that it is hot and humid right now doesn't help! Since I have today off I'm finding myself in the middle of my typical summer paradox. There is a lot to, laundry, dishes, etc. And a lot of fun stuff I'd like to do...see friends, grill out, go swimming, etc. But i'm stuck in a paradox...I feel restless and wanting to do stuff, even kinda bored, but the heat drains me and I end up being lethargic an sitting in the airconditioning watching mindless tv instead. I don't want to be but I can't seem to get started. It happens to me every time the temp is about 82 degrees and higher or the humidity rises I just start shutting down and all my good intentions go out the window.
The other inevitable part of my summer paradox is the longing for the lake that comes with this weather. I find myself daydreaming about finding a way to go to my grandfather's cottage or the North Shore and sitting by a lake in the shade with a lovely breeze. It is something that I have to do at least once a summer or the summer is incomplete. I miss my summer camps (as camper and leader) and going swimming or waterskiing. I miss the way the sun dapples through the pines at the cottage. I like choosing to be warm by sitting in a fishing boat in the sun rather than crossing a Target parking lot.
It doesn't help that this weather makes me feel extra big and gross. I got my haircut today and it was great when I was in the building and I left and immediate got my lovely, poofy, white chick 'fro thanks to the humidity. So much for the confidence boost.
I want to be able to go up north and battle my restless lethargy but for now I'm just have try to avoiding melting.

Let's try this out...

Despite my musings over at livejournal, I wanted to start a more traditional blog here. I hope that my thoughts may be interesting, thought provoking, or even amusing. If not, I hope that you'll fovgive me! I'll do my best though!